Halloween 2017

Hey Everyone! 
Happy Halloween!  Hope you all had a fun night filled with lots of laughter and candy!!! 
Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. Since I can remember, I have love love loved to dress up, and now that I am older, I enjoy seeing all the kids in their costumes scattering around in excitement going door to door for candies.  It’s so cute!, and it’s really a magical night.   
This year, we had planned to have the crew back up here to trick o’treat.  Halloween used to always be at our house but when our town started with strict hours as the kids were growing, 5PM-7PM, our family and friends were sorta bummed and we started to go in my sister’s town -the last two years. It has been great fun, and we can be out later, BUT, because last year the four of us had stayed up here as our kids were ill with stomach bugs, we allowed them to go a few houses, they loved being in their neighborhood seeing friends and faces to the houses nearby.  So this year, the girls really wanted to have everyone back up here like it used to be to celebrate together, but the universe had other plans!  We ended up back down in my sister’s town!  Haha  
Our town had to postpone Halloween due to the storm on Sunday night. A large portion of the town, about 80%, has been without power and with loose wires, giant trees/debris down and just  big mess. We were spared this storm, luckily, but, the town has been on shut down since Sunday, and the kids have been out of school…today being day three in a row. Oh boy!  They are big time bummed because of all the school activities, but I am sure hanging with me is better….  YES  IT  IS> hahah
We had a busy Halloween season, yes, this is a season!  🙂  The kids had three costume parties, we pumpkined, face painted, birthdayed, Andi Macked, cob webbed, Fall fested and Halloweened…all real words.  Through the month we had the kids dressed up as a sugar skull cat, a sugar skull, Louise Belcher, a grand-mom,and a voodoo doll.  I avoided a Sugar Skull Louise, because she wants to sugar skull everything. This particular Halloween night we had Louise and Bob Belcher, a Voodoo Doll and a Living Dolly.  🙂     Everyone looked great.  I wasn’t all that impressed with how I came out, but I had a lot of fun wearing 28″ hair ponytail extensions!!
Here are some pics of the season’s fun…


Fun month overall..  I LOVE HALLOWEEN TIME!! 
We don’t have a solid date for our town’s make up Halloween night yet, probably will hear something today.  I invited the crew back up for it, so we will be doing this all over again (at least for a little bit) on that night.  🙂  HALLOWEEN TWICE!! Woo!!  (that just made my day!)  Probably won’t blog about the second Halloween, but I have some fun things coming up that I will be blogging about… like ….JAPAN! 
Yes! JAPAN! I haven’t told many people, like outside my family two people know..so now you know. In six days from today I will be on my way to Japan with my husband.  We went in 2004, when I tagged along on a big work trip, and this year he has to go for five days for work and he convinced me to come with.  So after a couple of weeks debating with myself on the pros and cons about going, I decided that I was going!  How many other times will I have this opportunity again??  I never thought I would be going back but here I am with a ticket, new clothes, all the Japanese travel books and it’s happening!   I am nervous, electrified with excited, nervous, looking forward to seeing Tokyo again, nervous, happy to eat sushi in the land of sushi, nervous, eager to shop, nervous, thrilled to be going …and just nervous.  haha  Did I mention I am nervous?  I have never been this far away from my children before, or taken a direct flight over the country and Pacific(14 hours or so), and it just strikes a fearful nerve I have never experienced much before.  I just hope to sleep on the plane and it goes by fast.  PLEASE LET IT GO FAST!    
And, I haven’t decided if I will daily blog like I had in the past posting it when I get back or just lump this trip into one post, but I will figure it out.  We have so much to do before Tuesday!!  🙂 
Ok, so this WAS a Halloween blog not Japan.. sorrrRRRry! BUT … Hope you all had a blast last night, too!  xoxo

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