Mommy Chronicles.. Middle School already?

Hey everyone!

Well, I thought turning forty was my embarkation into my older self but…it isn’t. I actually love how I feel at this age. Forty rocks! (at this moment at least haha). But, it isn’t my age, it’s having a child starting middle school!!

Yep, middle school.

Ugh. This town starts Middle School at 6th grade.  Isn’t that too young!??  Hah

Whether I am ready for this or not, it is happening. Last month, as Summer was winding down, I was explaining the school year changes to my youngest daughter.  Where they were moving up in school. Basically about her sister’s big adventure ahead going off to middle school, a new school further away as she will be going onto fourth grade…so without her.

As I was talking through the situation, I started bawling my eyes out. Idk why either, I am so happy to see her growing up, and how she is growing, but the thought of her moving up to middle school so far away without her sister just made me feel how much she is actually …growing.  Up. She is growing up. 😦

I can’t believe my bubbly blue-eyed baby who once needed me to show her how to spell is now a blooming young lady. I can’t believe this FOR REAL.  How?  When? Where did all this time go?

Do my parent friends remember when they were knee deep in diaper changes, feedings, splashy baths, crazy defiant bedtimes and running after them thinking like that was the longest day of your life!?!  Now, blink an eye and they’re asking about interpreting dreams and growing out their hair.  0.0

So, here I am, forty, with a middle schooler who turns 12yrs in a few weeks and her baby sister who recently turned 10yrs. Which means I will have tweens by the end of the month.  The fact that she is a super bright, beautiful, wonderfully sweet, kind girl makes the thought of her growing up hurt less, but it hurts nonetheless. This is the first step of her moving into her own self, her first bits of her identity start now. It’s beautiful because it is pivotal in her preteen life to step further step by step, and  though watching her grow over these years have been some of the best moments in my life, it’s somewhat sad too. I just didn’t think the years would be passing by this fast.   I guess I just wish I could make time slow down.

But I can’t. 😦

Ok ok, no more moping over this.  I have a lot to look forward to…like tween GIRLS.

God help me!

Thanks for reading!


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