Sun and Buns 2017

That is the official name I gave to our long Labor Day Weekend.  Because.. beach and bread.


Ok, before I get into pictures of our weekend, I have to start with Friday. My husband and I celebrated 16 years of wedded bliss!  Yay!  We didn’t plan a lot around this Anniversary because we had originally planned to go up early Friday to Ipswich for Labor Day Weekend fun, but the temps were just too chilly for this sun lover to be anywhere near a beach, so we switched it last-minute to go up Saturday.

My husband wanted to surprise me with reservations somewhere since our plans changed. Success! He took us out to Fugakyu in Lynnfield. Which, btw, is one of my favorite local sushi places, and their drinks, well, let’s just say their scorpion bowl rocks. I was hung-over Saturday from just TWO!  Yes! Two!  Crazy tipsy ..but it was fun. Haha.

Before dinner the kids gave us gifts because they are my children, which means celebratory anticipation makes them itchy crazy.  They gave us two hand drawn portraits of us from our wedding photos, which were beautiful. They’re such good kids, and were so proud of their works.  My husband always surprises me, not one hint, and this year he surpassed my surprise by giving me the most beautiful colorful bouquet of roses and two envelopes.

…..Which had tickets inside….to two shows! Arcade Fire and Saint Motel!!!  He knows me too well! I was totally surprised cause I had been talking about going for like four months!  Yeeeeeeeeee.   We are going to have an insane time (we saw AF a few years ago and it was awesome!)

Yay! Sometimes I think about how long we have known one another, 21 years, and it only feels like five at times. Just crazy to realize that is just a fraction of our time. Like they say, time flies when you’re having fun. :))

Happy Anniversary to my greatest adventure!  :)))


Ok, so, Labor Day Weekend…  sun n’buns.  Sun.  Buns. SunBuns. This is still funny to me now! 

We got up to the house early Saturday afternoon, after grabbing more bread…of course. So glad we all communicate because next year I am bringing more bread. Smh. But seriously, bread is life.

Ok no more bread talk. But just to circle back to get you all in the loop if you didn’t get it, everyone brought up a ridiculous amount of bread for just three days.

Everyone was already up there when we arrived, which was great to make an entrance.  I had made jello shots beforehand, so we all cheered to an awesome weekend right before hitting the beach.  Which was fun.  (and a few on the beach)  The weekend officially kicked off…and away we go.

This has been a long weekend tradition for six years now. Our friends have a family beachfront house on Little Neck in Ipswich, and it is AWESOME. The whole house is literally on the beach, and the views from every room are spectacular of the Atlantic Ocean and Ipswich River.  We always have so much fun but this year was a tad extra special…our bff who had always missed out on the fun finally came up with his kids.  Long story short, he recently finalized his divorce from a ten-year fun-stifling marriage, so there you have it, we got our bff back.


Here is the photo run down.


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