Vacation Diary-Day 7- Cozumel, Mexico

Hey Everyone!!

We are onto day 7! This was our last day off the cruise ship, and it was so much fun.  I know, I keep saying everything was so much fun..but it was! This day we spent it at a pre booked private resort for the day, Nachi Cocom.

March 25- This day the ship arrived at Cozumel, Mexico, at 7AM.  We disembarked after breakfast somewhere around 10AM, it was a gorgeous 82F!  Ahh yeah!!  The port was set up with the duty-free shop as our point of entry.  It was a liquor store at the front that turned into a souvenir shop.  They had people placed all around giving liquor tastings..which of course I partook.  There was one liquor that I tried, that I kick myself for not buying on the way back, cream tequila.  I will buy some though around here, it was THAT good.

I got to use my Spanish skills to get a taxi for the nine of us for $40 (each direction) to the resort.  We showed up to the resort happily in twenty minutes.  It was private, and clean.  We were greeted by their photographer, who took a cute group shot of us. At registration, we were greeted with spumante and directed to the beach.  Wow, what views.  Their beach was amazingly clear and blue. The resort’s stretch along the mile beach was about a quarter mile.  The use of the beach with the lounge chairs and thatched umbrellas, pool, hot tub, playground, food and drinks were part of the package that we booked ahead of time, which was $50 adult, $25 child, and if you wanted any water sports equipment it was $35.  

Beyond the registration stand, they had a large step down bar in the dining room, a big pool with hot tub on the other side outside of the thatched covering.  Once we sat in the dining room, I noticed a sandy playground for the kids, the gift shop, bathrooms, and a large shower to rinse off in.  

Lots of good things here. 

We started out beach side with frozen margaritas, the kids with virgin pina coladas and lemonades, swimming and using some of the free wifi (score!).  The kids ran right to the sands and water, they had a blast.  Before we knew it, it was lunch!  Before heading back to the ship, we browsed the gift shop and ordered lunch.  Wow, now, I really love Mexican food and I REALLY love a freshly shaken lime margarita, but wow.  The food was authentic and delicious with the richest flavors.  I wish I could’ve eaten it all, but it was just too much.  We did ask before if they used only bottled water, which they cooked, washed and used only filtered bottled water. Thank God!

Ready! Salt, Lime and Down the Hatch! 

The tequila.  I love tequila, guys.  Not like I am having it all the time, but if I am in the partying mood, and you offer..I am taking it.  haha   It doesn’t go to my head right away, and since we were just being beach bums, I jumped in with both feet with my crew.  Amazing.  I did have to half ass the last shot because holy crap the time flew so we had to leave for the taxi!  

We headed back to the ship, but all I can remember was giggling with my gf and her oldest daughter the whole way back being nerds.  So maybe the tequila was starting to kick in?  haha   

We stopped at a shop, but then quickly ran up to the lido deck for the pool area once we got off the taxi.  We hung out at the pool, I may have had another margarita.. and then stayed till 7PM in the hot tub watching a movie as a whole group. All nine of us. We got that close. haha  We were all a little out of it, and I think I was the only one really watching the movie. It was the De Niro movie he filmed down the street from our house in North Reading called Joy.   We all parted midway through the movie, for those who needed some rest, then we were going to meet back up on the lido deck for movie under the stars and an outdoor dinner from the grill. I didn’t get to finish the movie till the next day when it was on our DVR, and I watched the rest while I was packing.  A depressingly good movie.

This night was a tad disconnected because my crew got dressed in sweats and as I said, we planned to eat burgers by the pool just to unwind;  my outfit of the night was literally yoga pants, a tank top and my Red Sox sweatshirt.. classy.  But the other crew didn’t get the memo, and my gf wasn’t feeling all that well.  We ended up having fun anyway, we broke off into our families and did our own thing.  We looked around the cruise again, where they had this wonderful show set up in the piazza that we caught.  These truly impressive acrobats grabbed our attention with their strength, contortion, and humor.  They were pretty funny.  (and they were easy on the eyes) Then we called it a night. Which means we headed back to our room to start packing it up a little while the kids rested with some TV and writing in their journals.

Wow, day seven already?  Well this is flying as fast as it did for us on board.  Tomorrow is day 8, our last full day on the ship.  😦


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