Vacation Diary-Day 8- At Sea

Day 8!?  

Well, everyone, this post is short because we spent the whole day at sea, without a place to be. How awesome!?  We enjoyed every 79F sunny moment poolside with cocktails, friends, and music right after breakfast. Just trying to get that last full feel of vacation in.  Between drinks and the pool, we toured the lido deck one last time to soak up the moment.  

What a beautiful ship.  

Since we had to be out of the room by 8AM the next morning, and no matter how much I packed up it never felt like I had enough in the bags.  I am just clearing up why you keep reading me say I was packing up since yesterday. lol  I am not a morning person.  So, once we saw the kids needed a little break, around 4PM, we went to the room to pack up as much as we could while they relaxed watching some movies.  They had a great movie selection on board.  We did a nightly watch of something at bedtime; which bedtime was always midnight, and I am not sure who had more fun.. the kids or me!  

This night we decided to end our trip with our last dinner at Symphony.  It was a wonderful last night dinner with our good friends and all the kids.  Marvin stopped by for a chat, and the kids were so happy to see him before we left.  He found us every day on the ship just to say hello.  What a wonderful person. 

Well, this is it.  See why I am so sad that it’s over?  We really enjoyed so much time with our kids and friends all in new places, both things I love so much to do.  Yup…Our last night on the ship and my last day blogging about it. 😦  

Tomorrow I will tell you about our trip to Orlando.  The Orlando half of the trip was three days, but I am just putting it on one post to make it easy on me since we spent it all at Universal.  What an amazing time that was too!  


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