Yah! It’s Friday!

Hey Everyone!

It’s Friday.  We made it!  And did you know it was Fall?  Just in case you missed all the pumpkin spice drinks and candies everyone has been posting about. It’s depressing isn’t it?  Everything changed in an instant this week, and this girl is not so thrilled.  I need my 75-85 degree temps, warm breezes and cold white wine on the patio.  Now I need to switch over my wardrobe to duster sweaters, jeans, boots and socks.  Oh, wait, scratch that.. I am actually excited for BOOTS AND BOOT SOCKS!  Just not the chilly weather. 😛

So. It’s the birthday eve of my oldest baby girl..last day of single digits!  

Where has the time gone!?

She has been doing a countdown since September started, like this, “Mamma, it’s my last full weekend as a nine-year old.” and “Mamma, this is the last time I am wearing this bathing suit as a nine-year old.”.  She is quite adorbs.  Tomorrow, we are starting with another donut cake, since she liked her baby sister’s so much a few weeks ago. (Ugh I am still full from Sunday!)

Before the donut cake though, my annual bday surprise. I surprise them with a big hoopla of streamers, decorations and balloons at the table for when they wake up.  Since it is her big double-digit debut, I might go crazay by surprising her all over the kitchen, and by making a cascading balloon trap at her bedroom door; so when she wakes up it is like an avalanche of balloons falling on top of her.

She is so sweet, and I can’t wait to make her day tomorrow.


Did I mention I finally saw the scale drop this week?


I worked real hard.  On so much, too.  I changed up workout days and added to my workout routine.  Tried to relieve stress.  Got back into longer cardio and plyo exercises like before, and heavier, more challenging reps in training.  I started feeling my muscles doing work this week, and though it was tough af, I was so excited to feel new parts of my body working hard.  Muscles and Mascara, right?  <–my new motto..now I just need to get the muscles.   😛

Ahh, I am so happy it’s the weekend.  And I can’t wait to celebrate my big girl tomorrow!!

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!


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