A Circus Birthday!

Circus Birthday!!

Well, after months of planning and crafting, the day has finally come and gone!

As with all the parties I throw these two, I plan them for months, getting every detail right and craft for weeks.  This year was a blast because it was a free spirited theme, though chaotic, too. Which means anything goes as long as there is music, lots of food and treats..so that is where I started brainstorming.

First, I worked on the decor.  I thought about a color scheme and stuck to turquoise, red and white. So the tables were topped with turquoise then draped with red and white table skirts.  Then the entrance mimicked that idea, with white and red stripes and puffy tissue pom poms that I made.  It came together so well, and I got the best compliments on this party, and it really felt so good.  I do put my heart and soul into this event, so it feels great to hear that everyone appreciates it all and enjoys all the details.

My favorite compliment was from my best friend, he said, “I was waiting to see an elephant come down the driveway!”…that’s awesome!  😛

So let me start with the details and finish with the party pics…

The Decor

I started off with a base of stripes with a splash of color all over.  The entrance was my favorite.  I sort of channeled Tim Burton here, or so I think so!  It was colorful and fun.  I love that my kids started CCD this day, so they left with a bare yard to come home to it all decorated.. all I heard was a scream when they saw it.  That felt great.

There were two photo areas, one set up like a photo booth with a big camera and then another against the house for personal pics behind a draped photo.  It was a lot of fun to see everyone get in on the act!

I had circus themed music streaming for a few hours, something that really lent to the theme so much!


Popcorn Party Favor

I had a hard time with this part of the party.  For some reason, the party favor makes my brain go into overdrive..I start thinking about sunglasses, candies and so much.  This year I was walking through the Dollar Store and happened upon these cute popcorn containers and I went from there.  These cost me $1.47 each (for 23 kids), which is super super awesome!!



Crafted Gumball Machine

I made a lot of things for this party.  This was a favorite of mine though.  I found this tin planter and immediately went with a fake gumball machine.  Grabbed a bubble vase and glued it on..voila.  ADORBZ!



Wine Bottle Ring Toss

Pinterest is great inspiration, and the ring toss game was NO exception.  Except I put my own twist on it with uneven sized bottles of wine not beer (I dont like beer).  Sprayed them a satin blue and boom, super fun crated game.

I fashioned glow in the dark bracelets in to rings to match.


Clown inspired tank top for the girls

These tanks were so easy to make, and to remove the pom poms for future use!   I grabbed plain white tanks from Target, then loosely sewed colored pom poms onto them.  Then fashioned the girls in a tutu, colorful suspenders and a mini top hat.  They looked great with a little eye makeup and lipstick…cutest clowns.


Blinged out Birthday Candles

Again, pinterest inspired me to make these candles..and I am so glad!  They came out so cute and were a big aw inspired part of the cake!

The Cake

One night my husband and I designed the cake.  We made so many variations, but ended up with a light yellow base, with a giant red elevated ring in the middle with striped red sides and blue bunting.  We made the cake topper, I blinged it out and it made the cutest cake for this day.


Clown Lollipop Tree

So, this craft really came out of depths of me.  I had wanted to make a tree lollipop holder for the dessert table, but somehow, all my thoughts were boring me.  So I started going through my cabinets, and I found a 4″ bubble glass vase.  Within seconds, I found myself making a clown themed tree!!  It came out so great for on the whim, and was a big hit!!


The Photo Booth

Sometimes I wish I had event planning type money, but I love making do with what I can.  I grabbed red and white plastic tablecloths, hay bales from my local farm, a printer and rummaged through my house to create this vintage inspired photo booth.  This was a big hit, who knew!, and made a perfect backdrop for this party!

All the fun!

The girls had a great time with their family and close friends, which is all I could ask for here.  With all the cotton candy, popcorn, jumping in the jumpy house and running around taking pictures, it was all so much fun!  No one left without a smile!!


Some photos courtesy of my sister and friend  :)

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