Day 5 and the last day- July 2015 Vacation in Photos

Day 5 at the Blue Water Resort

We decided to be beach bums all day. So..That is what we did!

We spent the entire day right after breakfast on the beach chilling out. The weather was perfect and the water was warm.  A real special family day.

Then at night we got dolled up to go out for pizza in Harwich then to our second fav ice cream spot in Dennisport, Sundae School.  Their whip cream is insanely good. Their ice cream is too, but man, have ever had whipped cream that just makes you whimper?  Yup..orgasmic.. this is the place.

The best part of our visit this time was that they have dedicated a freezer to just allergy no more waiting ten minutes for my daughter’s nut free sundae.  She got to choose the flavor from the special board, and she walked to the table, before my husband, with her ice cream.  That is extremely awesome because that has been her biggest complaint going there.

We headed back to the resort and walked the beach a while.  It was a great way to end the day…and our last full day away.

Day 6 (last day) at the Blue Water Resort

Our official last day was spent hanging out enjoying the beautiful beach, as the girls were in Kids Klub.  They were there till mid-morning, when we then grabbed a late breakfast together and then packed up the room.



It was a great family vacation. We really enjoyed the relaxing between all the fun.  Each one of us talked about how much fun we had this go around, and that made me feel real good.  Nothing was rushed, and that was key.  We didn’t overload ourselves with running around, yet we did everything, and then some, that we wanted.


for me…

I loved being with my family, savoring all the sights, smiles and laughs, but, I loved the quiet of the beach the most.  Early in the morning or real late at night. When all you hear are the sounds of the rushing surf.  All you see is sunshine or moonshine reflecting off the water.  And, you feel the breezes caress you and that luscious sand beneath your feet.  

Like you are the only one feeling what you see.

For it’s in these quiet moments I think the most about my life.   It’s when I can be vulnerable to reflect at all that I am, all that I have done and all I want to do.  Centering myself.  I like my time away from it all.

…and I thank God I am able to.


Well, that is all I have on our week away.   After a very relaxing week and weekend, it is Sunday night as I am writing, we are back to work and real life. . Which I was pumped about..I’ve missed the gym!!  YES! Me, I missed the gym insanely bad!  Even though I brought free weights and my resistance bands away, it wasn’t the same.  Though it was cute watching my girls try their hand at doing bith type of wood choppers with 5lb weights.  They’re so cute. 

Hope you are having a great week!!



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