Day 4- July 2015 Vacation in Photos

Day 4 at the Blue Water Resort

We had a busy day!  We started off by taking the girls to Kids Klub for an hour.  They love love loooove this activity..the kids get to be on their own with the resort’s counselors for outdoor play, crafts, swimming, and etc.  It starts at 9:30AM-1:00PM.  They were in there, so we took off for coffee and a drive around the area to check out the local public beach spots.  I love doing this stuff, getting in the car to basically get lost finding hidden gems.  I stumbled upon this beautiful neighborhood overlooking the ocean where there were about 20 sailboats (like a sailing school). The view was just gorgeous.  Then we headed back to the resort, grabbed the girls for a late breakfast. Then after an hour of pleading from the girls, we took them mini golfing!

We went to Skull Island mini golf, which was new to us. We have driven by this place a lot of times, and they’ve always wanted to go.  It was a lot of fun and real pretty actually. It was super hot out, so to then cool off we hit our fav ice cream spot, Cape Cod Creamery..too good. My oldest had her favorite Tisbury Twix, my youngest had a soft serve swirl. My husband had a scoop of Monomoy Mud Pie and a scoop of dulce de leche (I can’t remember the town it’s named after!).  I had the special flavor, Dennisport Double Chocolate with chocolate chips and cinnamon…yum like Mexican chocolate. Another fav of mine.

After our fun afternoon, we took off to Chatham.  Another funny surprise is that we just drive into Chatham and see our friends’ grandparents walking their children!  They were staying in Chatham for their week off…which we knew about, but didn’t think we’d actually bump into them.  So after that, we walked around the center of town.  We shopped, I scored a cute new beach bag and two nautical themed hooks.  We had a great dinner, then trekked up to the local lighthouse for some amazing beach views..then scurried back to the Red Jacket Beach Resort for a late night bonfire and s’mores.

It was a great day!

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