Day 3- July 2015 Vacation in Photos

Day 3 at the Blue Water Resort

So, our third day was a lot of fun.  My oldest daughter is a real fun kid, and she wanted to do this last year, but we just weren’t sure she was old enough..but she went this time… what am I talking about?  Well…My husband took her PARASAILING!  ..I couldn’t believe she did it, and I am so proud of her for being so fun and brave.  She surprises me all the time, and let me tell you how much her 180 personality from mine makes me happy.  Real happy.  I love that part about her the most..she is adventurous!

They both had a great flight experience with this company; they were right at the Red Jacket Beach Resort.  It can take out up to 6 people a trip, giving each or a pair of people ten minutes in flight and an option to get dipped into the water, about waist high.  I luckily got to the beach area right when they went up into the sky.  I was so happy..and sad at the same time.. sad cause I wasn’t able to get on the boat to be right there for her.  The plan was if the boat wasn’t full we would pay for myself and youngest to get on board to take pics and support her.  Well, they sold out. I know.  She was with her father, but I was just disappointed to miss out on that with her.  I did promise her next time I was going with her.. uhm, we shall see.  haha

Then after parasailing, we hung out at the pool over at the Red Jacket Resort till it was time to get ready for dinner.  We ended up going to The Skipper, which is slowly turning into another favorite spot of mine to eat and chill out at in the area.  They have a rooftop deck overlooking the beach, which is amazing at sunset.  Their food is super fresh and their cocktails are always fun.  So what’s not to like?


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