Day 2- July 2015 Vacation in Photos

Day 2 at the Blue Water Resort

This was our first time staying at the Blue Water resort.


After breakfast we moved from the Beach Resort over to the Blue Water Resort.  We had never stayed there, and figured it was worth the try.  I LOVED IT.  We had a great big room with an ocean view and a huge deck.  It was close to the pool; it was on the side closest to the resort next door and had all the amenities of the other resort, plus we got to use the neighboring resort, as well.  Who could ask for anything more!?

We started off our time there actually at the neighboring Riviera Resort’s pool. My kids just think it’s cooler than the Blue Water one cause it has a cute water feature, mini lazy river and it’s no deeper than 5ft in the deep end.  They are great swimmers, but they like horsing around playing tag or whatever, and 10ft deep water can get in the way of that.  hah  Then after hitting up the pool for an hour, we trekked down to the beach in front of the Blue Water for some good ol’fashioned my kinda relaxin’.

Just the sun, sand and ocean on the agenda.

Then we ended our night at my favorite spot in Dennis..the Summer Shanty.  It’s an off the beaten track place, where you can start by lounging on the lawn chairs drinking and watching the sunset then end up on the deck for a fun dinner.  I can’t go to this area without a visit.  I just love everything about the locals, the view and the feel.and thankfully, we are back in August!

I really love being away, and you can tell how happy I am when I am by the shoreline.  I think I may need to move.

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