Day 1-Saturday- July 2015 Vacation in Photos

Day 1 at the Red Jacket Beach Resort

This was our 3rd time staying at the Red Jacket Beach Resort.

We had a really great vacation this time around.  It was relaxing from the second we left our house Friday night till we got home Thursday afternoon.

Our first two nights were spent at the Red Jacket Beach Resort, the first night we arrived super late, like around midnight, so it was just to sleep so we could wake up bright and early to spend as much time on the water as possible. We love going to the Beach Resort because it is large and they have so many fun things to do, aside from being on a gorgeous private beach.  This resort is the largest of the three resorts along this stretch of beach-there’s the Riviera Resort, Blue Rock Resort, and Blue Water Resort, then the Green Harbor Resort is five minutes North (I have never been there, but my husband has).  I absolutely love this Beach Resort location..always have, always will.  Even in April.  It’s just set up perfectly upon the beach, and every view is breathtaking, taking you away from reality. And idk about you, but I need that whenever I get away. And I love the beach, but I also love having the option to be at the pool, for my children, and here it is overlooking the beach with giant clear glass windows, so it’s just a great view all around. The staff is always friendly and courteous, and the amenities and activities are fun.  Especially, their kids klub.

On our first day away, we hung out at the pool for a long while then hit up the beach to end the day back up at the pool.  My kids love love loooooove the pool at this resort.  It’s real pretty and wouldn’t you know that we bumped into a local family from our kids’ school?!  That was a nice surprise, so we spent some time together swimming and enjoying some drinks late night after dinner.

I love surprises!

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