Thursday Update!

Helloooo Everyone!

I am happy for no reason today; it’s awesome.  Ever have one of those days that you just wake up to everything feeling, hearing, looking, and tasting amazing, like you are on some crazy high?  That’s me today.  Not sure what it is, or who slipped what in my coffee, but thank you. lol   This is the best feeling ever.

So, I just finished making some sweet treats for the girls today and tomorrow. For today, I made chocolate cupcakes w choc frosting.  After school there is a scheduled play date with one of my older daughter’s classmates over their house…and I know I wrote about this before, you know i have disdain with play dates and how unlucky I have been meeting normal parents through this school.  (I’ve had weird experiences with play dates you can’t imagine!)  But I am crossing my fingers here and hoping this family is a winner. I know very little about them, but their daughter likes the same things as my daughter and my daughter likes this girl.  Sounds good so far!  lol  

Please God, don’t let me down with this one!!   😉

Annnd, tomorrow night is the Father Daughter dance!, and I have cupcakes and brownies for them to take with them.  I love this evening so much!  My husband in his suit, and the girls in their pretty dresses and hair up!  You have no idea how much happiness this brings me … uhm cause I GET THE HOUSE TO MYSELF!!  haha I’m jk! Sort of.  So..Every other grade is asked to bring snacks, but all kids with food allergies are asked to bring them every year and my kids requested my brownies (and this year they are extra good!).  I can’t believe it’s already this time of year!  May is upon us and it’s always packed with all these great events, birthdays, recitals, and days off.. but this year I am so excited for the end of the month!!  Our last single friend in our circle is getting hitched!  YAY!! I couldn’t be happier for him, he finally found a sweet girl to make his wife; how awesome right?!?! And, I cannot wait to partayyy my ass off celebrating their big day.  Because this is coming up so soon, I have been trying my best keeping it up at the gym.  I have to look good this night!  I mean, I want to look good in general, but the dress I bought for this wedding is pretty and I want to look hawt!  lol

Which brings me to updating you on my gym time.  Well, I have seen a lot of physical changes, in my waist, stomach, upper arms, chest and thighs, but am sort of bummed my scale hasn’t moved.  I mean, not down anything since I was ill with strep..not even a half pound.  Granted, I was away last week and have had so many deterrents with being sick and stuff, but not a pound?  BUT I am not letting this get me down, I haven’t gained any weight either.. and since I have so much fun and have seen changes I think it’s mental or something, so I am going to give it time because I am feeling so great.  I didn’t work out much in NYC, because we walked ten hours a day and carried everything, but my husband!  lol  So, I was happy with this vacation with how I ate and felt throughout it.  I was very active and jumped back on the gym the day we got back.  I didn’t feel I missed anything.

I still haven’t worked out with the trainer.  He and I are still talking through text about details (right now actually) and stuff, but we still haven’t gotten our schedules aligned to meet up, but he should be freer come next week is what he is saying.  We, thankfully, have a great connection as friends, which is a great thing in this type of relationship.  I hopefully will have more updates on my meet up with him, which we hopefully can schedule sooner rather than later.  Luckily, we live one town away and work the same schedule normally. SO wish me luck on this too.  lol 

Welp, it’s time for me to run to meet my girls to walk to that play date.. u g h.  Please send me normal parent vibes!  lol  ttys!


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