Birthday Weekend!

Hey Everyone!
I am officially 38 today! Which means two more years till the big 4 0.  EEK!  But, let’s not go there!  I am happy being in the now, and right now I am just 38!
We celebrated the whole weekend, which is always my favorite thing to do.  Actually, this year I chose to celebrate each day from December 1 through to today.. the twelve days of Valeriamas, if you will. 🙂
But, let me talk about this weekend. Friday night we hosted my family to celebrate in the insanity, that is me.  Since I haven’t ever had a non-Christmas themed birthday in my life, why start now!?  It actually doesn’t feel like my birthday if I don’t have it glistening with candles or eating off red, white or green. Might be why I love Christmas so much…maybe? And, even though the day started off with some snow flurries, trying to be a ruiner, it melted fairly quick before the guests arrived after work.  (phew!)
We ordered in Chinese, had amazing chocolate cake alongside my mom’s special surprise dessert for me. My family’s favorite spungini (aka, zeppolle). The kids played so well together, and enjoyed all the treats.  I received so many wonderful presents; they really spoiled me!  It was a special night laughing with those that mean the most to me!  
Saturday was a great day, my sister took all the kids and I out to a fun holiday show in Winchester in the afternoon.  The kids had a blast, and were so well behaved, that we think we will be going back in March for another show!  This night my husband took the girls and I out for a special surprise birthday dinner at Burton’s Grill and then to one of my favorite holiday traditions, checking out the holiday lights on Rockvale Ave in Tewksbury.  There is this house on that road that holds nothing back with the amount of lights and music.  They are so amazing, and a lot of the other houses on the street usually joins in; it is truly a special sight.  They collect money or cans for the homeless, which makes it even better.  Anyone that is selfless enough to bring that much joy to people must be good people, right!? This night Santa had a bonfire going and a helper collecting. So I recommend to drive by!! 
Sunday was my big day!  I had a fantastic day today.  I had a great overall good feeling from opening my eyes, and I still have it.  I woke up to our girls racing down the stairs screaming the song Happy Birthday to me.  It was super sweet!  I got showered with a lot of hugs, kisses (hubba hubba from the big guy) and gifts, then was taken shopping and to L’Andana for brunch, which was a first for me.  I had never been to this place, though I had wanted to since they opened. Their brunch was so wonderful with a lot of my favorite brunch foods, ie. crisp Belgian waffles with creme fresh and berries,  a variety of unique flavored pancakes, French toast with poached pears and fig syrup, rustic potatoes, asparagus, mimosas and bellinis (and the best eggs over easy I had ever ever ever had out!).  The restaurant was decorated with great bunches of greenery peppered with ornaments and glimmering greenery swags along the wall.  Our kids had the best time eating and giggling together, so we thought to surprise them with a stop at the movies!  We finally went to see Big Hero 6, and we all loved it.
Before the photos of our weekend below, I’d like to thank those of you that messaged me with birthday cheer, again!  It was super thoughtful and truly loved each one!  ❤  This girl sure felt super special!  You guys are awesome! 
xoxoxox  Hope you had a great weekend, too! 

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