Mason Jar Gift Certificate Holder

Giving gift certificates is my least favorite thing to do; it really is!  I love buying what I consider tangible presents, but if the gift card is for something the person or couple really needs or wants, I am buying it!
But, for me, gift certificates leave less to the imagination than normal.  I stuff them in boxes, slip them into envelopes that are topped with bows, or leave them in the store given wrapping…which is boring!  But not this year!
Today I took my love of mason jars, and making a mess, to give a crack at making a gift certificate holder that I would love to receive as much as give!  I bundled up, grabbed my umbrella, and headed to my favorite local dollar store. There I found clear plain mason jars and glitter packets.  My creative juices were flowing! I have a ribbons and a lot of new ornaments from past post Christmas runs in my own personal inventory, and figured I can make something work out of what I got and what I own!
The theme to this family’s presents is a very rustic craft paper type wrap.  It has Merry Christmas stamped throughout in vintage stamped lettering in both red and green.
Let’s see how it turned out!

This is the very boring gift card with its generic holder from the store that they definitely will be stoked to receive…but like this?!

IMG_5968 SEE!? Super boring.  NO WY

Here is what I came up with to match their presents!:


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