Take a Hike!


Hey Guys! Hope you all had an amazing day commemorating our American heroes. I sure did! Even if I worked in the early part, it ended up being a special day.

My family and I took a nice three hour hike in the Ward Reservation area, less than ten minutes from our house.  We had ventured in a part of this 2 years ago, to check it out, and we loved it.  There is so much to see.  My husband had hiked in the Winter briefly, and recently had taken our girls back a few weeks ago, which they were all excited about.  They begged and begged, so today we decided to go for a fun refreshing trekk after all our work was done.

I am so glad I did!

What a way to let the stress melt away and to enjoy nature at the same time. And get some needed unconventional exercise! Being one with nature has to be the best remedy for centering your soul.  I felt so at peace, even if it was chilly for me! We had a real great afternoon, and here are the pics from our venture out in the great wide open.  I decided during the walk that I needed to take advantage of this gem of an area and hike here more often (even alone!).  Pop in the ear buds and climb wherever I can go.  <– I like that idea a ton.

Ok, well, even though it feels like a weekend, it’s not, so I gotta get into Mom mode getting my kids stuff ready for tomorrow.



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