Glittered Pinecones

Hey Everyone!

Today I am sharing a project that I made 2 years ago, but I only shared on InstaGram, glittered pinecones.  It was such a fun project, super easy, AND super cheap!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Pine cones (any type really, even store bought, but these are White Pine pine cones I collected from the yard-score FREE!)
-A large bowl of warm water
-All purpose glue
-Craft Brush
-Colored glitter of your choice  (For this I found a set of glitters from the dollar store with bronze, gold, rose gold and copper in little packets. Yes, a $1!)

First thing. If you find pine cones like I did in the yard, you need to soak the pine cones in that warm water to remove sap or debris.  Soak for a few minutes then let air dry overnight.  The pine cone will look as if it is ruined by retracting, this is normal.  Once they dry the pine cone returns to its normal shape all opened up.

Brush glue along the areas you’d like to adhere the glitter.  If you chose to alternate colors remember to glue only where you want that specific color to adhere first, then work along with the rest of the colors.  Also, glitter from top to bottom and completely cover the glued areas.

For this project I chose to cover a few pine cones in one complete glitter color (gold), a few with the tips in stripes of colors, and a few in alternating tips of color.

IMG_5444 IMG_5440
The different uses for these are endless. You can glue loops and bows on the stem to make ornaments, or use them as I do. They came out real beautiful and are a perfect addition to our Fall centerpiece!!


TIP 1: If you glitter a whole lot of pine cones in one color, a good way to coat them with glitter is to get a large plastic (for projects only) bowl fill it with glitter then shake the glued pine cones in the bowl.

TIP 2: Using a paper plate for each color is useful.  Add glue, shake on glitter over the plate, then tap off the excess.  You can reuse the glitter left over on the plate.


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