Thirteenth… Oh My.

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all got to enjoy this recent three day weekend!  I love holiday weekends!  Anything that gives us an extra day off is allllright by me!

It turned out a gorgeous weekend for us in New England..lots of beach and city fun. And, for us personally, it was a ton of fun from Friday as we celebrated all weekend long.. it was our Thirteenth Wedding Anniversary!  YaH!!!11

Here’s a few snappies of our weekend.  We did a lot of eating and beaching, which was fun.  Spent a whole day in the Back Bay, and then we took the day off while the kids were at school today…extending our weekend another day. 🙂

We really had a lot of fun, as we usually do.  I love my family a tremendous amount, and the fact that our girls woke up Monday screaming for us to wake up like it was Christmas was off the charts awesome.  They are the sweetest, and we are the luckiest parents.  Love love lOOOOve these two girls!


I am one lucky woman and wife to have a sweet man, like my husband, to celebrate these milestones with. 🙂 We celebrated 13 years. Thirteen years strong, that is the most important fact.  He is my best friend, his heart is true. He is a pal and confidant (threw in a li’l Golden Girls’ lyrics!). He is my sidekick parent, my handyman, the man who understands me, my travel partner, my Seinfeld obsessed boy, he loves me beyond all my quirks, he is my shoulder to cry on, my body to jump on … he is my everything.

Before I say good night, let’s go down a little memory lane to our day with a handful of pics I took with my iphone from the album…  this was September 1, 2001:




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