Father’s Day weekend recap

Hi Everyone,

Hope all my Daddy friends had an amazing day yesterday with their families…and a fantastic weekend, too!

We ended up having a fun Saturday after all that rain disappeared!  We went to two birthday BBQs, one local for the children and one for the adults following that in town. It was a great time, and love kicking off the Summer with this type of fun.


Then Father’s Day was a super relaxing day together. The girls were so tired from their late night with my parents, and so were we!, that I got a little present along with my husband..sleep. THEY SLEPT TILL 9:30AM! I love sleeping in! This is a very rare occurance, everyone, as they wake up at the crack of “hell no” every day.

As soon as the girls woke up I whisked them away for a coffee run to let the big man sleep a little longer. Once we got home, the girls and I showered him with all the special homemade cards, paintings, school papers and presents.  Here are a few shots I took weeks ago of them making his cards after school.  They made him anchor/nautical themed photo frames, too.  One for his new office and one for home, but didn’t take snaps of that fearing I’d ruin the surprise by Instagramming them (I need an intervention.). 

fathersaday1 fathersday3

It was so sweet to watch his appreciation across his cute face, he truly is a dad made for these girls.  🙂 

Even my gift, which wasn’t handmade, went over real well! YES! I am not as creative as he with making cards or presents. I leave that up to Hallmark and Papyrus, then add in my own sentiments! So, I ended up getting him an outdoor patio heater, which I honestly have always wanted since we saw them 15 years ago!, and knew he did, too. Cannot wait to use that beast this Summer!

Our cat hiding behind his gift. teehee

After all the hugs and presents, we went to a new to us restaurant, that I cannot wait to go back to..Five Horse Tavern in Davis Sq. If I say that their coffee drink, The Ice Box, is the best liquor coffee drink I have ever had, I kid you not it is the best. HOLY I want to go back to there to drink more! 😉

Peach bellini with balsamic drizzle and The Ice Box. YEAH.

20140616-110255-39775985.jpg 20140616-110253-39773614.jpg

So, the restaurant; it was a lot of fun, had a great vibe, and the food was pretty amazing. I didn’t take many photos cause we really were drenched in each other’s company and eating.. lots of eating.  We split the donut holes, which reminded me of a cinnamon version of my mom’s zeppole.. amazinng. I got the seared tuna taco and potato taco with the best peach bellini I have ever had. My husband got the breakfast chimi with the ice box, which I thought was gluttonizingly good. Our youngest stuck with her staple of eggs and toast with OJ, and our oldest got The Capt’n, which is Captain Crunch crusted french toast with a raspberry coulis. They were a lot of good, and the portion was so big we all ate it! And I don’t even like Captain Crunch cereal! Our daughters drew the staff a thank you note for such a fun brunch, and with our check was the sweetest note written back to our girls! They made the girls’ day. Then after all this we did exactly what my husband wanted. A trip to SOWA, an area of the South End that has rapidly changed in recent years, to walk through the farmer’s market, adjoining outdoor market and the artist studio building. We had such  great time shopping around enjoying the gorgeous weather. 

One booth had these repurposed signs made out of old timbers and stuff…which I loved the wood blocks..esp the LOVE with the anchor.

We had such a great day ..I even got a new shower cap with sugar skulls on them from this cute shop set up there.  The owner/designer was so sweet too, and had a lot of other great handmade items I want to check out on her website. I love shower caps!!!!

Then we met our family back at our house for wine, apps and fun together. We tried our best to show all the fathers in our lives how much we love them, too.

The first man I ever loved.  Also, literally the most hardworking, sensible, selfless, loving, funny man I will ever know. 
My sis brought some stuff for the dads, so I made this.
This is my Mom, Connie. Connie makes insanely good pizza. This is Connie starting to make pizza in my kitchen.. this is A FIRST!


All and all a super weekend with all the people I love.


Hope your weekend was great too!


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