Concert Bucket List


I have been super psyched up for the past handful of months over a show we are going to this Summer, Arcade Fire. I am a huge fan to say the least.  As I have been squealing like a teenage girl since we got the tickets, seriously, this got me thinking about my concert bucket list, and how I have seen some great shows and WANT to see some great artists before I get too old (which isn’t a thing right?!). 

When I talked over this list with my husband last week, you know to get him up to speed on who I want to see. next..ahem…   he was surprised at some of the artists I wanted to see or have I thought to share them.  Some of the artists on my list are there because they are just legends of music and, well, I want to see them! 

So here it is…

In no particular order and right off the top of my head. I will keep adding/crossing off as I think of artists!  Seen shows are crossed off at the end. 

– Neil Young 

– Paul McCartney

– Tony Bennett

– Cyndi Lauper

– David Bowie

– Justing Timberlake

– The Cure

– Nine Inch Nails

– Paul Simon -alone or with Garfunkel

– The Allman Bros

– Andrea Boccelli (I missed out on going with everyone a decade ago, and still stings!)

– The National

– Annie Lennox

– Foo Fighters

– Arcade Fire (Going to their show this Summer! I am insane about how close we will be!)

– The Killers

– Adele

– The Black Keys

Elton John

– Mumford and Sons ..for a 2nd time and forever!

– The Lumineers

– Jack White/White Stripes

– Bruce Springsteen

– Lady Gaga

– Iggy Pop

– Madonna

– Lorde

– Prince

– Grouplove

– Morrissey

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (missed out years ago and still fuming!!)

– Coldplay ..for 2nd time

– Peter Gabriel ..for a 2nd time..and infinity!!

The Pixies –if Kim comes back!


The Rolling Stones

Willie Nelson

Sting (saw him 4x… BUT  If I got the chance I would go see him again.)

Bob Dillon

Green Day


Sound Garden

Beck– -saw him twice

Dave Matthews

Vampire Weekend

The Airborne Toxic Event



James Taylor

ColdPlaybut I’d see them again if given the chance.  Their new album is real good…jussayin! 




What bands or artists are on your concert bucket list?

2 thoughts on “Concert Bucket List

  1. My bucket list doesn’t have much, as I’ve seen practically everything I’ve ever wanted to. I do want/need to see the National and Morrissey though. I would also add the XX and BeachHouse to my bucket list.

    Here is what I can actually recall that I have seen (I might have a problem):

    1. The White Stripes and Jack White
    2. M. Ward
    3. Wilco
    4. My Morning Jacket
    5. The Pixies
    6. DearLeader
    7. The Whigs
    8. The Walkmen
    9. Ray Lamontagne
    10. Bon Jovi
    11. Nine Inch Nails w/ David Bowie
    12. Dinosaur Jr.
    13. We Are Scientists
    14. Kings of Leon
    15. The Everyday Visuals
    16. Chk Chk Chk
    17. Drive By Truckers
    18. Soulive
    19. Pearl Jam
    20. Susan Tedeschi
    21. Interpol
    22. Government Mule
    23. Bloc Party
    24. The Cure
    25. Arcade Fire
    26. Jill Scott
    27. Caspian
    28. Cold War Kids
    29. Dave Matthews Band
    30. David Gray
    31. The Decemberists
    32. Radiohead
    33. Kaiser Chiefs
    34. The Killers
    35. Modest Mouse
    36. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    37. Muse
    38. Ours
    39. The Raconteurs
    40. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
    41. The Sheila Divine
    42. Spoon
    43. Mike Doughty
    44. The Stlls
    45. The Strokes
    46. Travis
    47. Third Eye Blind
    48. Wolf Parade
    49. Lettuce
    50. The Dresden Dolls
    51. Luscious Jackson
    52. Sigur Ros
    53. Yo La Tengo
    54. The Foals
    55. The Black Keys
    56. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    57. The Kills
    58. The Brian Jonestown Massacre
    59. DeerTick
    60. The Felice Brothers
    61. The Jesus and Mary Chain
    62. Two Gallants
    63. The Psychadelic Furs
    64. Silversun Pickups
    65. Prince
    66. The War on Drugs

    1. Heyy! love your list Allison!! You are the concertista arent you? You are always posting fun shows you are going to! Makes me jelli ya kno. :/. Hehe

      Morrissey just cancelled all his shows and i missed the national 😐.

      I missed the pixies and interpol on my list!

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