My Nephew’s Baptism

Hey Everyone!

Hope this post is finding you all doing real well  and relaxed after the weekend.

Yesterday was a buzz cause someone very special to us was being celebrated.  It was my nephew’s Baptism!  

And. It was a lovely celebration.  First, we, the whole family, attended the noon mass.  I had never attended a mass at St. Patrick’s before, but it was quite beautiful.  The Priest who performed the mass was so well spoken and told one memorable story about perseverance that I liked a whole bunch. Then afterward followed his Baptism ceremony.  The break in between was just what the kids needed to release some steam, and for us to take great family pictures. 

The ceremony was quaint, as there was only my nephew and another baby girl getting Christened.  It was very sweet.  The Deacon who performed the service was very kind and funny, and my nephew seemed to know something special was happening, as he was so happy during the service.   I was a very proud Zia the whole day, and now I can say a very proud GodMother, too.   My husband and I are now his GodParents!    Actually, I am GodMother to all three of my sisters kids, now, so …

It was a real great day.

As we were busy most of the day, I wasn’t able to capture a ton of pictures like I had wanted, but below is what I have to share with you guys.  Though I know my sister and her Mother in law had snapped a lot more.s0.if I can get copies I will either update here or just post them on FB in an album.  I know we took some real nice ones together that I’d like to see!  😛

Have a great Monday all! 


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