Confetti- Recital 2014

Hey Everyone!

This Saturday was a full day of dance dance dance! 

First, we had our children’s recital, which was a wonderful show. The theme was Confetti, which I guess translates into a party theme.  Our oldest was part of tumble funk, and our youngest danced ballet.   It was a well executed show.  All the kids did great and the teaching staff should be real proud.

Our girls did amazingly well, and had a fantastic time with their peers and teachers. I was certainly proud because they knew all their steps, smiled a whole bunch and looked beautiful! 

After a fun stop afterward for ice cream sundaes with my family and Mom, I had to go back for part of the evening show to check out my niece’s first recital dance!  Not only did she look beautiful as a ballerina, but she did an amazing job!

I am all danced out, starving and looking forward to having this Summer session off..

Till next year! 


Here are pictures from today’s fun. 

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