April School Vacation 2014

Hey Everyone!

Hope you guys are having a great Monday…if this is possible. Ugh!! I am having such a typical Monday, it’s the worst. Came into work with a massive plate of things to get through and realize it will take me all week to get through it. :\ BUT oh well, we all know Monday’s suck after time off and the end of the month is literally the pits for me, BUT, ANYWAY, no more complaining.

So. School vacation is officially OVVAAHHH and the kiddos are back at school! It was a great week, but as like most of my time off, it flew! We tried our best to give the girls a fun break from school making some family time we would all enjoy and remember. So, hopefully they had a blast like we did.

Here are a few shots from last week.

On our way home from the Cape we stopped by the Museum of Science!

This little break to post some photos of our week really helped me focus back on the fun seeing those girls smiling. Now if I could make this last over the upcoming week!

We are a week till our daughter’s Communion Day!!

I am so excited. For two reasons really..one, I remember my 1st Communion Day so vividly, and how important a day it was. All my family and friends together for me.. It was a big deal.  And two..I enjoy seeing my children grow up. Yes, it’s sad, too, believe me I tear up all the time thinking about them evolving out of my reach.. but I find an immense sense of pride inside myself seeing these two girls growing up and turning into such loving and sweet people. They really are so wonderful, and to see them excited over their journeys makes me very happy. 🙂

Which then brings me to tears, too. AW MAN! 

Have an awesome day guys!  I don’t think I will be posting much this week, but definitely will after Sunday!!


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