Easter 2014

Hey Everyone!
Happy Easter Sunday! What a great weekend, weather wise, that it finally felt like Spring around here. Especially after that awful bought of snow and thirty degree temps last week. Wth was that all about, huh? No More Snow!!!!!

Easter went off without a hitch. My family got together for a wonderful Easter dinner at Il Casale in Belmont Center. First time for all of us. They had chef fixed menus, which was a lot of fun to order from.  A bunch of plates the chef chooses to serve, all family style–like Italian tapas heh.  Dinner was good and plenty. Drinks were even better (their sidecar was too good), and the atmosphere was very modern. It is in an old brick firehouse in the center of town.

We let loose with laughter, eating and drinking …enjoying our time.  A well deserved afternoon, just us together; no dinners to prep or cook and no dishes to wash. All of our schedules have been just nutty, so it was a great break.

Ok so..Here is my weekend summed up in snapshots! My sister took most of the family shots with her camera of today, so if I get those I will update this, but I tried my best amidst the eating and sidecar fog to take my share! 🙂

Hope you guys had a great weekend, too!!



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