Weighing in! #11

Hello gorgeous blog readers!

I cannot believe the hideous day I have had. Glad it is over! And, for some reason I felt compelled to weigh myself. To see if I made progress, to lift my spirits. I know, I am crazy!

First, since my last weigh in, we had the Fourth, a week of vacation and a week of not going to the gym much. Life has been crazy with schedules and this heat wave. Which is heaven for me, but by the end of the day, I just never felt up to going to the gym to get heated and sweat. I have to share that from all this life stuff, I weighed myself last Sunday; blergh! What an upset. Because, unfortunately, I gained 4lbs. Ugh! That gain was such a let down to me, cause I didn’t really eat that poorly as I was like a food cop, depriving myself but, it snuck up on me after the Cape.

……. But!!!! I have awesome news today!! Not only did I shed those nasty lbs, but I lost an additional lb and a half!! Can you believe this!?!!. I had to weigh myself three times and checked the scale to see if it was off balance! It wasn’t!

I am beyond giddy right now, and it worked to pull me out of this crappy day! Yes! Just so you know…giant, glowing smile..ear to ear! And this means that I am at my lightest since the late 90s! Canyabeleeddat!?!!? I think I just happily hovered over my seat.

So relieved, and overjoyed. I can finally breath.

Which I am going to need to do cause we have a contractor coming by with a written estimate for the kitchen/bathroom renovation. He is supposed to be here in an hour. The guesstimate was so high! But he was real great to talk with, super knowledgeable and a designer like my husband. His company is reputable too. So. We shall see, but I am dreading this now. The finance part of this is such a weighty stress. And my husband and I have so much to talk about still. Do we want to pay off a loan until the girls are ready for college? Uhm, I don’t think so, but we need to figure out the right price and right contractor for us. I mean, we are getting a new kitchen or else! Lol. But it might not be that extreme lush kitchen of our dreams. But it’ll be close enough! 😉

Well, I should get going! Love this post so much guys! Yay!

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