My 2013 Beach Playlist

Hey Everyone! What a gorgeous handful of days we’ve been having this week, huh?! I chose to work from home from Tuesday on; and am I glad I chose this week! Best part is that we are going to have a few more beautiful days in a row here in Boston, too! YES!! Get working on this tan!

Speaking of tans. I have been spending a lot of time chilling out in the sun this week, and I am starting to see some color. Can you believe it?!! And, vacation is not too far on the horizon for some more in the sun time! Right after the holiday, I am shutting down all electronics to spend every waking moment in the sun with my family, a great combo if you ask me. Well, almost every electronic, Instagram started videos! I gotta have my ipad on The Cape! I’m a picture-taking fool!

To get me really started on this tan-venture, I am squeezing in my first day at the beach early next week, if the weather works out. As I was mentally prepping for next week, I got thinking about the BIGGEST obsession I have. MUSIC! I decided today to make up a playlist for my beach day and the season. Well, not just mine, our. If it works out next week, we are going.. are you ready for this? … wait for it… WITHOUT KIDS! And without husbands or boyfriends, too! An all girls day at the beach!? Uhm, can ya say.. hell yes!?!?  Which I have not done since the girls were born. I may pass out from joy. heh. And, my friend doesn’t have kids yet, so, she’s in for my overloaded excitement without any of mine around. (Gah, I just went to heaven…to be in sunglasses, a bathing suit and a beachy maxi dress carrying one bag for a towel and spf, one chair, an iced coffee, and a smile to the beach like the old days?! I may just never come back home! heh)

So. My playlist. I turned my ipad on shuffle, and picked out some fun songs to put on this year’s playlist. My taste in music is..uhm, eclectic. Like my love for most things. I love all types of music; be it indie, alternative, dance, ethnic, folk, new age, pop, funk, trance, classical, metal, rock, punk.. really almost everything that gives a great beat and brings a smile to my face. Except country. But, I am trying. (not going so well)

Here are 50 songs for the beach this season; not in any particular order and most likely will get added to as the season progresses:

  1. In Your Eyes- Peter Gabriel from the Secret World Live album
  2. Disparate Youth- Santigold from the Master of My Make Believe album
  3. Hannah Hunt- Vampire Weekend from the new Vampires of the Modern City album (might be my fav song on the album)
  4. Feel So Close- Calvin Harris off the album 18 Months
  5. Vacation- The GoGo’s off of Vacation
  6. Ladies of Cambridge (Boston)- Vampire Weekend off their title track
  7. Your Touch- The Black Keys off of Magic Potion
  8. Think I’m in Love- Beck off The Information
  9. Stubborn Love- The Lumineers off of their title album
  10. Suit and Tie- JTimberlake the 20/20 Experience
  11. Colours- Grouplove
  12. Bryn- Vampire Weekend off their title track
  13. Love You Madly- Cake off of Comfort Eagle
  14. Unbelievers- Vampire Weekend from the new Vampires of the Modern City
  15. Digging in the Dirt-Peter Gabriel from the Secret World Live album
  16. Helena Beat- Foster the People off of Torches
  17. Alive- Beastie Boys off of the Sounds of Science (disc1)
  18. M79 – Vampire Weekend off their title album
  19. Finger Back- Vampire Weekend from the new Vampires of the Modern City
  20. Man on Fire- Edwarde Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros off of Here
  21. Iron Man- The Cardigans (best Black Sabbath cover imo)
  22. This Head I Hold- Electric Guest
  23. Pass the Mic- Beastie Boys
  24. One Way or Another- Blondie
  25. California English- Vampire Weekend off Contra
  26. Midnight in Her Eyes- The Black Keys off of Thickfreakness
  27. How to Be a Heartbreaker- Marina and the Diamonds off of Electra Heart
  28. No Cars Go- Arcade Fire off of a great album, Neon Bible
  29. Taxi Cab- Vampire Weekend off of Contra
  30. Panama- Van Halen
  31. Holland Rd- Mumford and Sons off Babel
  32. Smile- Lily Allen
  33. Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris off the album 18 Months
  34. I Love it – Icona Pop off of Iconica
  35. Pictures of You- The Cure off of Disintegration
  36. Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand off of their title album
  37. I’m Going Down- Vampire Weekend off of the iTunes Session
  38. Young Blood – The Naked and Famous off of Passive Me Aggressive You
  39. Land Down Under- Men at Work
  40. Shake Your Rump- Beastie Boys off of the Sound of Science (disc1)
  41. Primadonna- Marina and the Diamonds off of Electra Heart
  42. Babel- Mumford and Sons off Babel
  43. Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Queen
  44. People Watching- Jack Johnson off the Curious George Soundtrack (hah)
  45. Whirring- The Joy Formidable off of The Big Roar
  46. Blow- Ke$ha off of Cannibal (yes I own Ke$ha, it happens)
  47. Mansard Roof- Vampire Weekend off their title album
  48. Does This Mean You’re Moving On?- The Airbourne Toxic Event title album, deluxe
  49. Rock This Town- Stray Cats
  50. Make Some Noise- Beastie Boys

That should cover a few hours of time! And I know there aren’t any of my usual beachy suspects on there, but it’s fun not to hear the same music every time you go somewhere. FB me or msg me what you think should be a fun add!

Have a great weekend, and get out in the sunshine!


20130620-214508.jpg My favorite beach in Massachusetts.  Wingearsheek Beach.

2 thoughts on “My 2013 Beach Playlist

  1. every year growing up our family reunion was at a house on the beach that my grandfathers brother owned on Wingearsheek. It is arguably the best beach in New England. Though Rhode Island has some nice ones.

    1. Gloucester has been my second / summer home since I was a kid. My parents would always take us up, and to Rockport. That is what Italians do. heh. But not really the beaches. We stumbled upon Wingearsheek ourselves a few years ago, and I have been hooked. Telling everyone.Too beautiful. And the ppl who frequent are nice too. We also go to a semi private beach in Gloucester when that beach is at capacity.

      What beaches in RI Chris? I love to go to new beaches.

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