Poof! Everyone’s a Zombie!

Well, I had a great start to my day. Got out of the house at a decent time with both children dressed, coiffed, and happily fed. My hair came out great, jussayin. Only got stuck on 93S for 25 minutes after dropping the girls off at their respective schools. The line at Starbucks was two people deep, which is a rarity! And my skim latte was delicious. Yum. My ipad was totally spot on with music choices the whole ride in. The sun was shining. Good start.

Then I got into work and hit a concentration wall. I get like this sometimes; all daydreamy and absolutely unwilling to focus otherwise. Usually, I talk to my colleagues or take off for a bit shopping in Downtown Crossing to clear my mind, but yesterday we had a construction guy by the house to walk through the renovation ideas we are planning. So. Needless to say he spouted some ballpark numbers at us that took me by surprise and made my wallet cringe. No unnecessary shopping for me …for a while. And the office is empty, so no one to talk to.

To keep entertained through my fog, I played on the DeadYourself app for a while. It’s an app where you take a portrait shot then add zombie accents to it. It is hilarious. Over the past few months I have become obsessed with The Walking Dead. Great show. The DeadyYourSelf app found its way to me a few weeks ago, and I only created a zombie of myself and my husband so far. Well, last night my older daughter asked to be made into a zombie. I don’t know why, since she is a scaredy cat. She has seen the two I made of my husband and I and can’t even look at them. So. I didn’t do it for her. I really don’t need her getting out of bed all hours of the night with zombiemares! But it popped into my daydreamy mind this afternoon to make her one. So, off I went disfiguring her. Then once I was done, I zombified my other daughter… Then thought, ‘heck, let me get the rest of my loved ones done!’. And the fog got thicker..I went off the deep end, turning everything into zombies. :\

I am NOT a fan of zombies or films/genres of the like. But, I LOVE THIS SHOW & I LOVE THIS APP! What is happening to me!?

My Oldest Zombified
My Oldest Zombified
My youngest..zombified!
My youngest..zombified!
My Mom will hate me for this…this is my father.
Our goddaughter
Our Niece
If you follow me on Instagram you know this is me
Even the Easter Bunny got ZOMBIFIED!
Zombie-ME in my Bruins tee
Zombie-ME at Disney
I told you guys I’d make a much better and prettier Snow White!
Mr and Mrs Zombie-ath
My sister, the zombie
My Zombie-in-laws
Me and my zombster
Sugnu Zombie
My Mom- who is going to kick my butt for this
My Mom- who is going to kick my butt for this
This past Easter Sunday with my zombettes
This past Easter Sunday with my zombettes
And taking a break drinking an iced latte...Zombie-ME
And taking a break drinking an iced latte…Zombie-ME

I know, I need help.

Hope you enjoyed!!

4 thoughts on “Poof! Everyone’s a Zombie!

  1. All I can say is wow. Good for you. If it got your creative juices flowing..why not. I was having a rare woe is me day today. The washing machine is dead and my boss is just awful. Like..mail her to a desert isle inhabited by cannibals..awful. I will have to be patient and wait for karma to catch up with her. Or maybe turn her into a zombie…hmmm.

    1. Ugh i cannot stand people who are like that. Oh my god turn her into a zombie. Youll feel so much better!! Did u guys get a new washer? Or get it fixed?

      1. We tried to repair it but it broke again. The one I want is on backorder until mid April. Going on a month now with no washer and I’m losing it.

      2. OOOh right, this isnt new… that is why Chris had mentioned laundromats a few posts ago. Ugh, this sucks. My worst nightmare is laundromats. But thankfully the warmer weather should be here soon so you can just drop a wash and then hang it outside at home.

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