Catching up.

I haven’t ‘journaled’ in a while. Not sure why! But, I think I should get back to doing so more often. Keep all of you in the loop of my nonsense. PLUS. It gives my idle hands, and brain, something to do.

It’s been a good start to 2013. I, thankfully, don’t have much to complain about. My family and I have been super busy with get togethers, birthdays and just random silliness. And, as I glance at the calendar, it does not seem to be letting up till April. Where life will slow down to a simmer. Well, that’s if we don’t go to Disney! We have been kicking around the idea of going for a week in April. Not Disney World..Disneyland! Get a fun trip out of our systems to check out Carsland before we start house renovations and cannot go anywhere. We shall see. The plan for this Summer is a major renovation of the kitchen, dining room and bathroom, so we are going to be tapped for a bit. This house is such a money pit. But, I am going to have a real grown up kitchen!!! New cabinets! New appliances! New table and chairs!! And before I pass out from excitement, and debt, we have to enjoy Spring.

Spring! Our 4th annual Easter Egg Hunt is in a few weeks. Yeah!! I am a child, thank you. There aren’t many years left to throw the egg hunt portion since my kids are growing up so quickly. All the kids in my life are actually. Wow, how sad. I started throwing this get together when my sister was home from Italy for our parents’ 40th Wedding Anniversary and party. It was her first time back home since she moved. It was an excuse for her friends, more so mine, to see her, and meet my niece. I like to entertain every chance I can so it was an easy sell. Then the next year, it seemed natural to put it together again. The kids have a great time together, and they get to meet Mr. Easter Bunny himself. Now it is our tradition. I will definitely post about it in a few weeks.

I am looking forward to Spring. Well, Summer really! I cannot take another cold day. Not sure why, but the cold has been beyond bothering me since the end of last Summer; holy cow! This Winter hasn’t even been technically that bad for us in the Northeast; other than one major snowstorm and a handful of frigid temp days. But, I’ve never been grumpier with snow, cold winds or my damn Winter coat, like this year. I love my new coat. It is a cute purple, down filled coat with a fur trimmed hood, but every time I wear it, then take it off, I find feathers all over me! For someone who wears dark colors all the time… Ooof, so tired. We have another storm on it’s way tonight. Let’s hope this is it. I don’t want to see another white feather on my body! I am turning into a chicken! So, I am asking all of you to pray to Mother Nature, and all the Gods, to make Spring arrive early!

What else has been going on? …It’s been a few months, and though I have missed a few days with the flu and other life events, I am still going to the gym. YES! My biceps are insane. K, I am just kidding, but I am strong again! And I am feeling good changes with my body and mind. I do, however, seem to need motivation. More this go around than ever before. Being a distraction seeker it is tough keeping my mind on track. And with the gym, I am doing more work pushing through the distraction teasers and just going. Making sure everyone knows I am going. Thus the check-ins with Facebook. Keeps me a touch motivated, and accountable. If I don’t go, I only hurt myself. I got to keep that in mind. God, I hope this lasts.

Well, I hope you all are doing well and have nothing to complain about this year either. 🙂

I am going to make some tea and catch up on Duck Dynasty. Yeah, beards are slowly creeping into my psyche as sexy. I have a reality TV crush on the boys of that family. Well, all but not Si!!

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