Great dinners. An Elf on Our Shelf. And I am forgotten.

Started off Friday, the best day of the year, working on getting my green hair back to blue. I was successful as I updated. Got it back to blue, but not the blue I like. A few months ago I found a new blue color, same brand (manic panic), and figured to give myself a change after using the other color since 2010. At first I loved the color, Rockabilly Blue; it was potent, the color was vivid and different. But idk what happened, seems like mid way through this jar I fell out of love with it. Started missing my old blue, After Midnight. So, I am not sure what to do when this runs out. Change color, like go to a deep purple?, dye it back to my natural hair color, or just shave it all off and start from scratch. I am totally kidding about shaving it, my head is too round. Nonetheless, I got my hair back to presentable and then worked frantically to get the house clean and the girls’ stuff packed for their overnight at Nonna’s. They were so excited to pack their feety pjs and were scheming to get my Mom to let them stay up late. They are such cute kids.

Mr. picked me up; I like calling him Mr.. Sort of reminds me of Mr. Big from Sex in the City. Remember Chris Noth in that show back then? My God, I loved his character, and him. What a tall, dark drink of a handsome grownup dream…with money.  Ok, ok, back to reality. The night was clear and crisp, just a perfect night to spend in downtown. We parked right near the restaurant, but we’re early so we go for a stroll along the Pru/Copley Mall. I haven’t been there in years so it was a big treat. I miss Boston at night. We walk into this wonderland of holiday decorations and shopping. Snagged some chocolate from See’s Candy, which is my all time favorite chocolate company, and pop into shop after shop goofing around. Went to see their Christmas tree, and they didn’t have one up this year. Shocker right?  As soon as we got there the time came to get to our reservations at Brassiere Jo.

Brassiere Jo, at the Colonnade Hotel, was nice. It’s a french restaurant, and the decor was pretty, lit romantically.  The restaurant is large, and it was very busy that night. We got seated in a quieter area, but just as busy. We ended up getting a nice waiter, who looked familiar, and when I asked came to discover that he went to MC. The brother school to that wretched all girls school I went to for 2 yrs. He took a liking to us, and we chatted for a bit, real nice guy. We didn’t know each other, as he was 2 yrs younger. Well the Mr. and I ordered our drinks and dinners, and started to really enjoy a night out as adults. NO KIDS! WOOHOO! We can talk about whatever we want without interruption!! .. To start off my night, I ordered a drink called the French75. Basically all booze, and it was damn good! Mr. opted for wine, and I soon followed. The wine was delicious and had a great time finishing the bottle. We split a roasted beet salad, YUM!, both got steaks, and ended it with dessert. Ok, the dessert I got was the best dessert I ever got in my life. It was waffle sticks with a side of Nutella (I heart Nutella!) and then a side of salted caramel to dip. Can you say foodgasm? Cause that is all I can say. HOLY AWESOME. We ended up at that table talking, drinking and eating for 3.5 hours. But it flew! The waiter was so great, and he hooked us up with an extra glass of wine and put dessert on the house. A good way to end my birthday if I say so!

French75.. a delicious drink.
French75.. a delicious drink.
As I stated on FB. "Imma Happy Carnivore! Sorry My Vegans, I Love My Steak N Frites!"
As I stated on FB. “Imma Happy Carnivore! Sorry My Vegans, I Love My Steak N Frites!”
Possibly the best dessert I've ever had ...waffles with salted caramel and nutella.  (I'm a Nutellaholic)
Possibly the best dessert I’ve ever had …waffles with salted caramel and nutella. (I’m a Nutellaholic)

Oh I forgot! Thursday we got assigned an elf!! Not sure if anyone remembers that we saw Arthur Christmas a few ago, but this is one of the wrapping elves from the movie- Bryony! We started with our unique version of Elf on a Shelf Friday morning. I do have to be honest, the Elf on a Shelf that I see everyone posting scares me to death. The faces are awkward and I feel like it really is watching me! But Bryony is super cute with her eyebrow piercing and cute blonde streaked hair. Every time we see her we say hi in a British accent; which if you know me, is my favorite way to speak.

G’mornen guvnah.

BRYONY ARRIVED!  I do not like the Elf on the Shelf, but Mr came home with this elf and since we saw the movie the other day..I caved.  Bryony has been pulling pranks since she arrived Friday.
BRYONY ARRIVED! I do not like the Elf on the Shelf, but Mr came home with this elf and since we saw the movie the other day..I caved. Bryony has been pulling pranks since she arrived Friday.

Saturday started awesome. Well, any day you can sleep till 9AM without a child around is a great way to start a day! Grabbed the girls at my parents and headed right out shopping for Sunday. Sunday we were expecting friends over. We spent most of Saturday running errands, which flew because by the time we got home to chill out for a bit it was time to go back out for our sushi date. Mr. and I were having a great weekend sans children, and sushi night was real fun. There is this place I love to go where the staff is so sweet, it’s quaint and the sushi is so good I dream about it! They are located a few towns over, so it makes for good times close by. The place was quiet when we got there, but within minutes it was buzzing with people and food.  It’s a bring your own type of place, which works for us! We brought a new sauv blanc from New Zealand we wanted to try. We sat, got cozy, and started to order. They make this mango rice dish that is so delicious and perfect. It has chicken, shrimp and bites of mango. I just drooled.  So, of course we get that, an app of steamed shumai, and sushi..a simple night of avocado maki, tuna/avocado maki, maguro and I can’t remember..oh, asparagus maki. Was feeling like a good vegetarian option would help me feel less guilty about the night before’s meal. I also love vegetables. We ended the night with a walk shopping for what I needed for the next day. The night was fun, and we were full and happy. Soon after shopping we picked up the girls and surprised them with a drive to see some Christmas lights. There is this street in the town next to ours that every house is decorated to an insane degree. EVERY house. It’s the type of thing that evokes a smile out of your control. You can’t help but feel like that child again staring at every nook of lights and calling out to your parents to look. The girls were having a blast, all dreamy-eyed with the lights in every direction. All the oohs and aaahs. We loved every second watching and hearing them. I can’t tell you how much I love reliving experiences through them.

I ate all of this.  And then some more from the other plate. YUP I AM AN OINKER!
Date night sushi!  I ate all of this. And then some more from the other plate. YUP! I AM AN OINKER!
My iphone takes the worst pics, but this looked so pretty.
My iphone takes the worst pics, but this looked so pretty.

Sunday started off with an early rise to get my oldest off to religious classes. Mr. drove her, so it lent to me and my youngest daughter to snuggle in bed for an hour! My youngest daughter is the best person to snuggle with, and it’s a guarantee you will pass out from her warmth. Which I think I did after putting on SpongeBob’s Christmas show. It was a good start to the day, cause the rest of the day I was busy cleaning, prepping and cooking for the afternoon’s get together with friends. My children were even helping with organizing and prepping the movies they wanted to watch with their little friends.

It started to snow in the early afternoon, which looked so pretty out the windows. Snow falling is so beautiful. The perfect back drop for our annual get together. We are going on 7 yrs now, and I am thinking of expanding it and turning it into an ugly sweater party. We shall see! My food went off without a hitch- everyone ate and drank, and were merry.  I was merry. The girls of this group, for some reason, don’t drink, not even a glass of wine. Nothing. So, of course, I am who I am and have fun no matter what. We laughed and talked all afternoon. The kids opened gifts. Played in every room. Dessert was had.  Well, the kids were so well-behaved and everyone was having fun that the afternoon flew and before you knew was late! Everyone left in time for us to clean up, put the girls to bed, and to catch up on Dexter before the season finale aired.

Some of the appetizers Sunday Afternoon
Some of the appetizers Sunday Afternoon- i made the front left and middle right.  So good!

WHAT A FINALE! Am I right?! I won’t spoil it in case some of you haven’t seen it yet. I was reeling with the show for an hour afterward.  I am going ot miss this show when it’s off the air. (boo!)

But I am a teeny tiny bit upset even though I had a great weekend.  My oldest, dearest friend; and my youngest daughter’s godfather; have been friends since we met. Seriously, we said hi in 1993. Instant friends. Well, the reason I am sort of upset is cause in the almost 20 yrs of our friendship we’d exchange birthday cards in the mail; through everything we never missed one. At first simple cards, then stupid silly ones, the musical ones, or ones I’d cram with so much confetti; they’d change, get absurd or funny every year. Something I looked forward to.

But, he forgot this year.

It dawned on me Saturday morning when I got to the mailbox. Hey! I never got a card! I know life happens, and, people forget.. but after 19 yrs? Idk. I am having a pity party over it today.  By chance his daughter, this beautiful, learning to chat toddler started with ‘Happy Birthday Val’ out of nowhere. (but in her way sounded like HatDay Bat! heh) She must’ve thought it was my party cause it was my house and I was doing things. She wouldn’t stop either. So, I smiled and cheered with her, telling her it was my bday in that instant I said that he shot his wife a look like shit we forgot.  I shouldn’t care, but I do.

Too much actually.

The ruiner.

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