Best Day of the Year! And I Woke Up With Green Hair :\

Seriously. Green.

First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, that is out of my system.

Last night, on my Birthday Eve, while my husband was out furiously chasing down some Christmas gifts for the girls, I decided to touch up my blue roots. Oye. I am still a novice at bleaching my hair out, but I am a pro with coloring it. With this said, I screwed up the consistency of the bleach, but it still worked!  Got my hair bleached out to a golden blonde. Which, by the way, is NOT my color. Solves that curiosity.  Then scrubbed it out, dried it and got the blue on, leaving the dye on my hair for 50 minutes, which it usually is 20-30.

Rinsed the color for a bit first in the sink to make sure it took. Everything was looking real good.  I jumped in the shower, and had the kool-aid blue dyed water shower.  Which if you don’t color your hair, it is the strangest thing.  Rinsing out your dye is like taking a shower in a colored waterfall.  Sometimes it stains your feet, sometimes the tub, but since I rinse it in the sink first it’s not as potent to stain.  Which my husband appreciates.  So, my hair was clean. Go to dry it… and IT IS GREEN! :\  The roots didn’t absorb much color, but the rest is that perfect denim blue.  Oooof.

Decided to sleep on it and try again today.

Woke up this morning, later than usual (thank you girls!),  to the sounds of my children hollering about my birthday, but when they got to my bedside started freaking out cause my hair was green and blonde!  I think I was called Cruella de Ville by my husband, too! Oh brother! My family knows how to make their mom feel pretty.  They did make it up to me with their kisses and hugs, and rants to open presents.  BUT not before I slather some dye on my locks, girls!

I got some pretty nice things from the Mr, and beautiful handmade cards from the girls this morning.  I’m a lucky girl!  Except the green hair staring back at me in the reflections in my room!

Which brings me to what I’m doing now.  Sitting here with my hair up covered in blue blobs of dye and with my Lisa Loeb glasses on, too. Remember her? heh Pretty image? Not really I know cause I hate these glasses. Hopefully it will take and the color comes out right, or else I will be wearing a hat tonight.  Which I really don’t want to do since we are going somewhere fun and nice in town!!

Come on birthday ruiner go away!!  I really don’t need this.  :\


Hi!  It's me with my blue hair fixed after a morning of coloring.  It's close enough to the color and at least look less like an alien.
Hi! It’s me with my blue hair fixed after a morning of coloring. It’s close enough to the color and at least look less like an alien.

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