Dried citrus garlands and wreath

Hey everyone- Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend.

Finally have some down time which feels like the perfect time to post about my finished project. My citrus wreathe and garlands for the kitchen. They came out so cute but for some reason pictures do it zero justice.

A few weeks ago, I had decided to go the more natural route decorating my kitchen for the holidays. I like to decorate every room in the house for all holidays. Even the bathrooms! Not sure what came over me with this idea for the kitchen, but I have had the crafting bug pretty bad lately and before I knew it I was slicing up some oranges to dry them out in the oven. No directions. No other plan. A week after that, I started to dry some lemon slices too. Without a plan.

In my head, I wanted some rustic simple decor, more seasonal and not as bold as the rest of the house. I like a lively Christmas theme across the house. Lots of red, nutcrackers, lights. So my kitchen, it is pretty contemporary with a slight farmhouse twist (I looove farmhouse decor), but it’s very grey, marble, more contemporary than anything rustic. After a few days of thinking, and rummaging around my crafting stash, this is what I came up with….

I previously owned the hoop, citrus, flowers, some of the eucalyptus, the jute string, cinnamon sticks, and glue. What do you think?

The last picture of the wreath looks strange -the blank wall- but the room looks so pretty with the touches of orange, yellow and bluesy green. I love it so much!

Ok so that’s my crafting project. Hope you liked it.

I will catch you up on my weekend this Tuesday. Tomorrow is pottery Monday, which I am looking forward to. Can’t wait to see my vase and spoon!

Thank you for stopping by to check out my citrus decor today 😊. I always appreciate the support of your viewership!

till next post. xoxo

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