Valentine Mickey Candy Bouquet

It’s almost February 14th, guys!!


❌⭕️ VALentine’s Day!❌⭕️


Anyways, I know not a ton of people are fans of Valentine’s Day, but I love all holidays, so stick with me here.


The day after Christmas is my favorite shopping day of the year! I love it because I can replenish holiday wrap and boxes, find lights or anything that is useful for next year.  This year, I had come across a really cute 4-pack of Mickey Mouse head shaped ramekins from Target. They were 50% off, and immediately I thought of my youngest daughter who is Disney obsessed – just like me. I thought she could use the set in the kitchen for whatever she wanted to, snacks, ice cream, whatever. But the more I sat there looking at them I couldn’t think of what to get my oldest that would be similar. And the more I stared at them I realized that I could split them up to give to each child two along with their favorite candies.  Similar to the ones I had made a few years ago.  If you remember, I had made candy bouquets in mugs. 

So I basically took that craft and made it again today. 

At CVS, I found the bag of M&Ms for $3.99. There was a BOGO half off Valentine’s Day themed candy sale on 3.5oz bags of Lindt and Ghirardelli. I got four bags, but split them between the girls here and my husband.  My daughters are Lindt-crazed!  They ask for these chocolates every holiday or if we see a shop; especially, nutty for the holiday flavors!  Man, I have never seen two kids chow down on chocolate like these two! 

Along with the ramekins, I had made the girls a button heart valentine in their favorite colors. I wanted to do this craft so I could figure out button layering for another project I want to make down the pipeline.

I used mini skewers to attach the Lindt balls together, and a velvet flocked heart floral pick between.  My shrink wrap didn’t quite shrink, as those who follow me on IG Story saw me complain about, but that didn’t stop me from using it as a cellophane bag. I topped the bag with the button valentine that I had made last week, and I think it came out cute.

Super cute right?

So.   Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, so my plan is to surprise the girls with a set table when they wake up for school. Placing these down in front of their chairs on top of their setting.

I will share all of our Valentine’s fun.  Especially, how they like these valentines!

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