Fourth of July 2019

Hello Everyone!

It’s my favorite time of year.. SUMMAH!!  And with that comes the big bash for July 4th.

H A P P Y ğŸŽ† B I R T H D A Y ğŸŽ† A M E R I C A

This was a tricky party to throw this year. Why?  Well, just as we decided to have the bash, my husband surprised us with a work trip to Montreal that he wanted us to join him on… during the days leading up to July 4th. Literally, up till the day before!

This is my normal life, nothing can go simply.

So, in our normal mad-dash fashion, we pulled cleaning the house, packing for our trip, prepping the yard along with all the party details, as we worked all week. It was a lot of work, and a lot of focus!!  But, we had a great four days in Canada, which I will blog about soon.  Even though it was a great getaway, I was freaking out about the party being less than a day after we returned, but it all worked out. We came home Wednesday just in time to deal with some last minute party items and we still had time to even enjoy some Fourth of July fun!  Which, is my favorite tradition, the fireworks display that my town puts together.  It’s always such a fun show, and is like no other towns nearby.  Our town does a fantastic job!!

July 3rd Fireworks in town:

The Fourth of July couldn’t have gone smoother.  All the prep we put forward before our trip worked out. Our kids were so helpful, too.  What great kids I have in my life!  All we had to do was set up and small prep.

It was such a great day, even with the heat, being with our good friends and all our family was great. The food was great, the desserts, too! The kids all had fun, as most of us could see from their TikToks and snaps. I love being on social media platforms with my kids, for these exact moments.

Overall, I am super pleased with how everything turned out…even if at times it was stressful. Life is better when it’s unpredictable. And I couldn’t imagine my life predictable at all!!

And, here are the photos of the July 4th Celebration; it’s a mix of the few I took and a few family had taken. It’s hard throwing the event AND snapping a photo of everyone!

Hope you all had an excellent Fourth as well! xoxo

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