Day 6- Zion National Park, Utah

Helloooo everyone! 

Hope this Tuesday is finding you doing well.

The hot weather has reached MA this past weekend, which was much needed. A lil slap of Summahhh in Spring. I am also doing pretty good because of physical therapy this morning; it went really well. Working on my grip strength, wrist rotation and flexion and extension. Impressing myself with all the gains I have made. But there’s so much more work ahead. Day by day, right?

My therapist also let me try some light cable exercises. Which prompted my gym conversation. If I can go and whatnot. I’ve missed going pretty badly.

Guess what?

I was told that I can get back to the gym again, guys! Of course, I was given a list of things I cannot do… i.e., no heavy lifting, no full body weight on wrist, etc. But I am focusing on all the things I can do! Light weights, lower strength training, etc. She stressed to me that she doesn’t want me to hurt myself…which of course, but Yaya!!


Ok, enough about me. Let’s talk Zion.

Day 6

Before I start to talk about the day, I just wanted to say how much I loved Zion National Park! I have never been anywhere like this in my life. The mountainous landscape. The trails that lead to one hidden gem after another. The desert conditions. It was thought-provoking, emotional and beautifully peaceful. Just what my soul was looking for.

We woke up to sunny blue skies, a little chilly. We grabbed a quick breakfast in our hotel, and made a beeline to the park. The plan was to get at least three hikes in.

Before leaving for this trip my physical therapist really warned me against going on a trail for Angels Landing. Which after we showed up in Zion, I also made the decision not to hike Angels Landing 😆. I wouldn’t go up that trail with or without this broken arm! There are steep and long drop offs. It is about a 5 1/2 mile hike up a mountain.

Our plan was to hike up to the Lower Emerald Pools Trail, to see the waterfall, then up to the Middle Emerald Pools Trail, and then over to the Kayenta Trail for the Grotto Trail that follows. To get to the Lower Emerald Pools trail we needed to take a shuttle. The cool thing about Zion is that the entire park is mapped out along this shuttle route. To get to the Emerald pools you need to get off at stop number five, Zion lodge. But a little further up on stop number six, there’s the start to the grotto trail.

This hike was deemed a moderate hike.

We started off the hike with the lower pools. This trail is paved all the way up the hill, or it just might be compact ground. Either way, it is a fairly easy jaunt up the hill. The hike reveals a rock formation that has a waterfall spilling over. We got to walk right under the sprays of water. So cool! From there, over the side of the rock formation, we could see the first emerald pool.

From the waterfall there are stairs to climb. This will bring you to an intersection; to take a left for the middle pools and further up to the higher pool, or, to the right, which will lead towards the Kayante trail. this is where we split up. Because my husband was worried about me going up all of the sandy uneven stairs, he had me hang out with our youngest daughter along the trail to the right while he and our oldest daughter went up to the other pool.

Apparently, the higher pool trail was insanity so it was a good decision. Plus, I got alone time with our daughter!

The trail from here on was an unpaved decline with some drop off points, but the views were incredible! The view of the Virgin River nestling between the mountains was beautiful. Along the way off the trail, we could see groups of people hanging out along the cliffs eating lunch. scary but so cool!

From the grotto we hopped on a shuttle bus to stop number nine, Temple of Sinawava, for the Riverside Walk. This is an easy hike. The entire trail is paved as it hugs alongside the Virgin River. All along the trail, you will find exit where you can walk along the river bed or take a rest. This trail comes to an end about a mile in. There is an exit to walk off of the trail right onto the rivers edge. From there a lot of people took a hike or waded within the water to get to the narrows.

With my broken arm I couldn’t take the chance of slipping on a rock, which was a bummer but also a blessing because the weather wasn’t really hot; so being in the water would not have been the best thing anyways.

After the hike along the river it was time to head back to our hotel to freshen up and have dinner. So we got back to our hotel with some ice coffee and sat around the fire pit relaxing. Before we hit up dinner, my husband wanted to take a drive through Zion to catch a sunset against the mountain, The Watchman. Unfortunately, the universe did not speak the same language as my husband, so even though it was beautiful there was no prolific sunset that night.

We had dinner at MeMe’s café. It’s a cute Mom and Pop style diner. The food was really amazing but I did not take one picture! Can you believe it? We followed dinner with ice cream. By the time those ice cream were done everybody was ready for bed. Ok, I was ready for bed. 😂

Keeping up with everyone all day with the broken arm was was actually hard. But I’d take deep breaths, hold my arm up to my body and trek along. I’m no slouch.

I had such a great day on day six. Everything we saw it was beautiful. Everyone we met was super nice. It was such a magical day and I felt lucky to be there. Extremely lucky, actually.

Well I have to run now.

As always, guys, I thank you for stopping by to catch up with me. It’s always appreciated.

till next post xoxo

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