San Francisco to Monterey Bay Aquarium

Helloooo guys!

Today I am catching you up on the day we drove from San Francisco, with a few stops, to Monterey, California.

This was my first experience driving along this part of California. Actually, I had never been anywhere other than San Francisco in this part of California before, so the next few posts will be ‘new to me’ type cities and experiences.

Today we had woken up early to make our way around San Francisco before driving to Monterey. We had plans to surprise the girls with grabbing MORE Ghirardelli stuff and to check out the houses of movies and shows they love to watch.

The first stop was actually a surprise for me! My husband brought us by Mrs. Doubtfire’s house. I always comment on how beautiful the house is in that movie so I was totally into this stop! Next after this was the famed painted ladies on our way to the Full House house. The girls couldn’t believe how average it was in a normal neighborhood, and actually, I was pretty surprised too.

We ended up leaving San Francisco a little later than we planned. Time definitely got away from us taking this tour around.

We had a reservation for the Monterey Bay Aquarium at around 2P. We arrived at about 3:30P!! Which is apropos as my husband has never been early to a thing in his life haha. Well, except our wedding when I was late! (Not my fault however). The Aquarium staff didn’t mind at all, though getting there so late, kind of didn’t give us a ton of time. BUT, we are museum and aquarium junkies, so we made our way around skimming labels. We had a fun time and saw about everything; we even got to hang out outside on the bay in the sunshine and bought souvenirs in time for their closing! Woo!

After our visit in the aquarium, we walked Cannery Row; as you may have understood by the name of the area, this was a historic stretch of street where the industrial fish canneries boomed long ago. It is a beautiful walk along the water with so many great shops. Definitely a must see location.

We made it to the end, sat on a wall overlooking the water then saw the time and had to make our way to our hotel to get changed for dinner. We stayed at the Asilomar Hotel. WHAT A COOL PLACE!! Asilo mar is where the name comes from, which in Spanish means refuge by the beach. Apt name.

The Asilomar hotel is a national historic landmark, stuck in time. It’s right along the Asilomar State Park’s ocean and is built with individual lodges sprawling across the resort. The main hall where you check in is an architectural beauty built in the Arts and Crafts style by Julia Morgan in the early 1900’s. She worked on Hearst Castle for reference. The hall and grounds are absolutely gorgeous.

After checking in and changing we had to make a mad dash again to dinner. We had reservations at the Beach House at Lover’s Point for 6:30P.

Which we were twenty minutes late for..ahem.

I had called the restaurant to let them know just to be clear.

Anyways. We made it and, boy, what a fun place!! We got seated right on the edge of the covered deck overlooking the water. Gah, it was perfect. Drinks were a welcome treat after a day of going full speed all day. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, great views and fun conversation.

Our daughters are great travel companions, btw. My husband and I travel alone so well, and we live together so well, too. We barely argue, as we are so much alike. Except his lateness 😂. But our children, well. They are so dynamically different from us and one another, that we never know what will come out of their mouths for a topic or how they’ll digest our experiences as we are experiencing them. It makes for fun discussions …or more honestly, just weird ones. Ha!

We dined for a long while. We just wanted to really relax, enjoying the views. So we left on the later side of the evening. During the walk back to the car, my family decided it was ice cream time. Which my husband knew was coming and planned for a drive over to Revival Ice Cream.

Revival is such a great ice cream shop and HIGHLY recommend it. They harvest sustainable local ingredients, including the dairy, everything is made in house and it shows. Boy, that whipped cream!

Try the Bee’s Knees. So good!

After a night of stuffing our faces, we took a drive around the area then headed back to our room. The area is known for its abundance of deer, which during the day is wonderful but much scarier at night! These animals have zero fear of humans or cars and are literally loitering around every neighborhood. I loved it so much, love seeing animals everywhere…but my husband was freaked out driving.

Ok, there’s our day traveling down the coast to Monterey. It was a great day and hope to make it back again one day.

Thank you all for reading along! I always appreciate you taking time out of your day to support my posts. Hope you are having a great day and I will post soon!

Till next time. xo

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