Weld 2021

Hey WordPress! We are driving back from Maine at the moment and figure this was the perfect time to write.

Plus, it will keep me from falling asleep! Imma car sleeper…and snorer, so.

So Maine, it was such a quick trip that I am glad we left a night earlier. Our friends family have two cabins on Webb Lake, in Weld, Maine. Which is about three hours from our house in the liTeral sticks. We have been going up to crash our friend’s vacation for the past twelve years now. They actually invite us up, but I sometimes feel like we are crashing because we bring the noise and craziness!

Like I said, this trip went by way too fast. The weather was perfect that first day, Wednesday, and then after that it was temperamental. We had some clouds, a lil rain and a lot of wind! We did our best with doing fun activities. Lots of tubing, a visit to the town Heritage Day for shopping, some fishing and a TON of eating. Boy, do we know how to eat! 😆

Here is a quick one minute slideshow of all my story posts together since the WP feature still isn’t working for me.

Living the Maine Life

Which, by the way, the feature on here isn’t all that great anyways. Snap and Instagram have that on lock down. Even Fleets on Twitter have this feature on here beat, and it stinks! Every time I set up the story to publish, the pictures were grainy and oddly zoomed up close. Lots of nostril and teeth posts were avoided!

Ok well, this took me way longer to type out between road trip games, and, a quick snooze. 😂 I tried to fight the sleep, I swear! We are eleven minutes from home now, and I can’t wait to see my fur baby Jack! I have missed him so much.

Thanks for catching up today, guys, and for all the great support! My schedule next week is going to be kooky, because we are taking off for the West Coast on Saturday. With work and getting everything together, I am thinking my blog won’t be touched. So please forgive the lapse for the next three weeks – but -IF I can post a quick hello, I definitely will do so!

I hope you are having a great weekend!… till next time! xoxo

Oh wait! Here’s my latest embroidery project! that hat took me a lil bit but i love her so much. I want to make another beach babe this week.

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