Top Ten Thursday- Late-Spring Fun

Hey Everyone,

This morning we are taking a stroll through my top ten favorite things to do as the weather starts to sizzle in late Spring.

Let’s get it going:

  1. Gardening. Though some see yard work or gardening as a chore, I enjoy it. 

  2. Being able to shop at SOWA, Boston’s outdoor market in the South End.  

  3. Wearing fun, colorful sundresses and sandals. Or buying new ones!! haha

  4. Hiking Ward Reservation while it’s blooming.

  5. Eating outside!  My favorite part of the warmer weather is dining outdoors.

  6. Opening the sun roof in the car!!  woo!

  7. Catching glimpses, or seeing a full on ‘Geese Walk’, of the baby Canada geese around Spot Pond.

  8. Being able to ride bikes!

  9. Waking to amber-colored, much earlier, sunrises from my bedroom window, and, watching neon-fuchsia, much later, sunsets from my kitchen window. (Sometimes I walk up the street-up the hill- to check out the full displays.)

  10. Walking the Back Bay, Public Garden, and Boston Commons hand in hand with my husband, and …WITHOUT a coat!

What are your favorite things about Spring?  List below or on FB! xo

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