Top Ten Thursday- 2018 Favorite Must See Holiday TV

As you look through this list, you will notice most of my favorite holiday binges are baking shows. Nothing is better than cozying up on the couch with cocoa, watching all the baking chaos, with my favorite people! I think we like to live vicariously through the baking talent out there. 

Valeria’s Top Ten Thursday– 2018 Must See Holiday TV

  1. The Great American Baking Show, Holiday Edition
  2. Holiday Baking Championship
  3. Holiday Gingerbread Showdown
  4. Bob’s Burgers, Christmas Episode
  5. Christmas Cookie Challenge
  6. The British Baking Show, Holidays
  7. The Great Light Fight
  8. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding
  9. Nailed It! Holiday
  10. The Christmas Chronicles

What have been your favorite holiday TV shows to binge this month? Share below or on Facebook!

With Christmas just days away, this will be my last holiday themed Top Ten Thursday list. I had wanted to list out my favorite holiday movies and holiday treats, but I just don’t have any Thursdays left before Christmas.  Actually, this will be my last Top Ten Thursday of the year!  I know, you are bummed as we just got started, but I am on vacation for the year starting today, and may not have time to pull together a list to post next week with all the craziness we have in store.

So, with that said,


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