Top Ten Thursday- Christmastime Traditions

Top Ten Thursday of my favorite Christmastime activities.


  1. Decorating the house with all of the decor I have collected since we got married, in 2001. But the best part for me is leaving the tree decorating for last. 

  2. Making gingerbread houses from scratch with the girls. It takes a little longer than making them from a box, but it is so much fun and tastes way way WAY better.  Our recipe is here!

  3. Listening to Christmas music while wrapping gifts. Even though this year our kids started playing Christmas music remixes October 1!! (I wish I was joking)

  4. Displaying all of our family and friends’ holiday cards in our living room along the beams.  It brings me so much joy seeing them as I walk in the house every day.

  5. Celebrating my BiRtHdAy all month long!  Technically not Christmas, BUT it’s 2 weeks before the big holiday, so it goes hand in hand.

  6. Cuddling on the couch to watch all of our favorite Christmas movies.

  7. Checking out Boston’s big holiday happenings.

  8. Attending all the holiday parties and get togethers with friends.

  9. Giving my husband a theme for wrapping my gifts.  Something we have done since we started dating in 1996.  He has his task this year, and I can’t wait!

  10. Driving to see all the local neighborhood holiday decorations.

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