Top Ten Thursday- Things I Can’t Live Without

Now this topic is figurative, taking into consideration that I have the five vital items for survival…air, food, water, shelter…and, sex, cause, well, sex is essential, too!  Let’s drop in good health while we are at it, assuming I am always in good health.  Here is a list of things I love having around me all the time that make life beautifully bearable!


  1. My family. The reason I love life so much is my family. My husband is the sweetest person, my best friend.  He knows me like no one else. And our children are truly a gift. I have two kids that totally understand me, my kooky sarcasm and how much I love them with all of my being.  I am a lucky woman.

  2. Hugs. Honestly, I think this is my favorite one on this list. We need hugs to connect, feel and give love, to feel grounded, to synchronize our hearts and souls, and it is probably more important than most people think. If you don’t get hugs please let me know..maybe I will start a “Hugging Booth” for five cents a hug. haha

  3. My bed. If you have never slept on a latex mattress topped with a downy cover, fluffy blankets and crisp sheets, well, you haven’t slept! 

  4. Espresso. I am almost certain espresso is part of the vitals of living. I mean, it could also be the elixir of life giving energy.  haha  Let’s just say I am not an addict, but I would cry after a few weeks without coffee. And probably become hostile and violent.

  5. Contacts. I am near-sighted, and prefer contacts, as me in glasses is meh. I have two pairs of glasses I bought this year with hopes to alternate contacts with, but I mainly use them to clean around the house or to walk to the bathroom for my contacts!!

  6. A hot soapy shower. I take showers all the time..lots of soap and shampoo! There is nothing better than a super hot shower to revamp your soul! It should change from chicken soup for the soul to a hot shower!

  7. Minty toothpaste. AND TOOTHBRUSH!! 

  8. A car; freedom to come and go as I please is important. I hate (and I mean hate) the feeling of being trapped or unable to be free, grr it bothers me to no end. 

  9. I would be a mess without my go to ‘wear around the house’ outfit; black ribbed tank and black yoga pants with thick socks! (a sweater in winter) There is nothing better than to walk in the door after a long day and bee line it to your bedroom to put on your favorite comfy outfit.  Take that bra off and bam, we have a perfect evening of lounging ahead! hahah 

  10.  My heated blanket.  BEST GIFT EVER! I am one of those people who find any weather under 65F freezing.  My whole body feels cold and man, do I hate the cold!  My husband got me one of these blankets last year, and wow, my whole Winter was spent cuddling under it and I did not complain of the cold once last year! NOT ONCE!! Total game changer right here.

What is your top ten list or one item you cannot live without?  Comment below here, FB or Twitter!  I would love to know your must haves.

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