Easter 2017!

Hey guys n gals!

Right now, we are in Washington DC!  We got here earlier tonight. What a cool city.  Just wow.   This trip, I can feel, is going to be a good one!

Though I am here, this post is just a quick rundown of Easter yesterday.

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day for my family and I.  Woke up, at a decent time, to the girls shouting excitedly over their full baskets…and an extra basket of more bunny related snacks for our trip!

This might be my last big Easter Bunny super secret basket reveal, our little one started asking me some ‘is he real’ questions the other day…and added in Santa, too.  Ugh. My heart.  I hated going through this with our oldest last year, she broke my heart, it made me feel horrible the way it happened too!  We were watching Big Fish, and the son makes some off cuff comment to his father about his stories being as fake as Santa and the Easter Bunny.  Ugh eff. Noooo!   Our oldest squirmed in her seat and I saw tears streaming down her face.  My heart!!!  The movie ended and we had the talk.   She wanted to ask us about it anyways, but didn’t want to find out the truth.  Explaining how lucky she is because of the magic we created her whole life was actually a great conversation.  That magic never ends.  That’s our greatest gift!   They always say we are greatparents  but that particular conversation made our daughter  understand a different level of how awesome.

I am real lucky to have her, well, both of them!!

Ok focus… this Easter!  After baskets, we got dolled up then headed to the 11:30AM mass.  It was a full house, we got in our seats just in time!  Then we raced home to grab our niece and nephews’ baskets… and a few holiday pictures together. Haha. Gotta get them in somewhere!!

Ok enough selfies!   It’s dinner with my family!!  We made reservations for the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, NH, one of my fav spots.  We wined and dined, and had a real nice time.  The new Sicilian Spritzer was tdf.  Gah soooooooooooO delicious. My dinner too; I got tuna crudo and then the tagliata …and couldn’t of been happier!

After that we hung out at my older sisters for more drinks and cake, very sweet.  The kids opened their gifts; overjoyed with all the new toys.

Beautiful day with my some of my fav people. 🙂

Happy Easter to you!!

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