Vacation Diary-Day 3-At Sea/Formal night

Helloooooo Everyone!

It’s Saturday, and I hope you guys have great big plans, because I am doing nothing. Well, nothing except cleaning!  But first, I am journaling about day 3, the first full day at sea and our first formal dinner night.

Every night, late night, when we returned to our rooms, we would find the mail for the next day.  It would include notes from the bridge, weather, the happenings like the day’s activities/itinerary and major events, any words from the feature executive on board and shopping discounts that were happening.  Like this:


On our first day, however, it was the first time we received mail before heading to lunch.  We received an update that our port plans had changed due to some sketchy weather.  Originally, the cruise was to go to Princess Cays, their private island, but since the weather was too dangerous to risk traveling through, they diverted us to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, on the following day.  Giving us an at sea day that first full day on board.

March 21Our first day at sea was spent poolside.  It was a perfect 81F on the Straits of Florida this day.  We had Cuba on the right side of the boat for the entire trip going South as we swam around. It was a beautiful view.

The pool set-up was nice.  The Lido Deck had two bars, one ice cream spot, a pizza place and a grill.  There were four hot tubs in the main area, two on the first level and then two on the second.  There were also adult pools with hot tubs, along with a private pay area called The Sanctuary, that was all cabanas and service hands a foot.  So back to the regular people, there was a large pool on one end that was split by a deck then to the kids’ pool, it was all surrounded by a two foot surround where people can sit and wade in the pool.  This was all in view of a large TV and surrounding decks.  You did have to get there early to get a chair.. so be aware!

There was live music a few hours on the Lido Deck every day, this day was the Jamaican steel drum player.  It was the perfect backdrop music for our first real day of vacation.  There was also a deck between the two pools that cleared out by 5/6PM, to reveal a water show nightly.

After cooking our skin into a crisp all day, we got ready for our first dressy night of the week.  Apparently, cruise ships require formal nights, which is a total b*tch to pack for alone, nevermind for four people.  This night we went to Symphony at 7PM, this was the main dining room which was part of the cruise package.  We dined and wined till almost midnight talking and goofing around.  It was so much fun. The kids made a friend on the ship named Marvin, his job was to be aware of all the happenings in and around the ship, and the children.  They loved Marvin, and coined this restaurant as “Marvin’s Place”.

This (below foto) made me laugh on this night.. so, long story short, I fell down the stairs at the pool area because i didn’t dry off my feet from the hot tub upstairs. And I mean I fell THE WHOLE WAY DOWN, breaking my favorite pair of jewel encrusted sandals..and bruising my left leg (bummer).  I was so upset, but I am a klutz and am used to this stupidity.. I didn’t hurt myself, thankfully, but man, I loved my new sandals.  I had only wore them a few times last year.  But, from a crappy situation innovation is born.

Unfortunately, my husband lost his cufflinks, which he was bummed about because he just got them from the kids for Xmas.  BUT ALAS, his creative mind went right to my freshly broken sandals.  He tore them apart to fashion a pair of cufflinks.  He used a jewel from each shoe and my bobby pins!  Boom..cufflinks.  Now that is one sexy mind.. hubba hubba.


Then..our daughter found the missing cufflinks on the floor behind our luggage the last day of the trip!  She was so relieved!..and so was he. three!  Next up Ocho Rios!


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