Resoluting Resolutions

Hey Everyone! Happy 2016!  

Hope you started off the year exactly as you wanted! We sure had fun, and I am pixting it below…

So… Did you make any resolutions?  Any real ones???? Have you already broken any?  lol  As I have written before on past new years, that a new year does feel like a new, fresh start, personally. I know there are a lot of people out there that don’t feel this same way, but for me there is something in the air, or my mind, that gives off the aura of newness.  That flip of the calendar to mark a new year..a new start…a new chapter.  I love this feeling!  For some reason, already, this year, wow 2016, feels amazingly positive. It has been three days already, and except for the 1st where I was EXTREMELY hungover, each other morning I have started with a huge smile and eagerness.   I had changed so much about myself in 2015, not just the inches but my thought process, that it is still resonating..and RESONATE IT WILL!  There is so much on our horizon, and I want to enjoy it fully..and happily.

So. My resolution? This year I decided to resolute my resolution to continue on to be better to Valeria.  To keep on choosing happiness in my own skin, breaking my cycle of guilt and not good enough bullshit, that I stand as tall as I can, feeling great in my own self.  To give my kids the best quality time, my time, my quality.  To accept my human flaws, the ones that my husband says he doesn’t see, and I don’t have to point them out for him to see. (yes, I am extremely guilty of asking ‘is my body shape like hers?’..which apparently, by his explanations over 20yrs, not any woman I point out is EVEN CLOSE  hahah)  To continue to hit the gym for my body and mind, focusing on my love for change and changing my lifestyle.  

So.  there you have it.  This year, 2016, will be the year of Valeria.  🙂  

Let’s do this!~!!





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