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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Everyone!

It’s Thanksgiving already!  Woohooo!  Get y’er big pants ready to eat like it’s y’er job!  ūüėõ

It is a great time to talk about what I am thankful for…I am always thankful to God for my health, our family, our friends, food on our table, being able to work and provide for our family, the ability to laugh, and always keeping a positive eye in life.  Also, for espresso and wine. :))))

I am, however, most thankful for my family…

*My husband for being the man I can love without boundaries, for being the person I know he is, and always being there for me and our family.  He is my best friend, and I cannot imagine a day without him by my side. For how he makes me laugh at nothing.  For how he takes me on adventures everyday, and how he really loves me with all his being; and I am so thankful for his honesty, trust and love.  

Me and husband Xmas

*My oldest daughter for not only being the light to my day, but for being absolutely what I need in my life; joyful, thoughtful and caring.  She always reminds me, without asking or fishing for it, that I am a great person, and that she appreciates all the things I do for her and the family.  This makes me feel so good, and proud. She exudes love and always puts her family as first priority..and she is only ten.

*My youngest daughter for being exactly what I wished I was as a young girl; confident, funny and honest (maybe too honest lol).  She is so caring and giving, and has a way to make me feel loved just by looking at me. And she gives the best hugs. She always makes me feel proud when I hear her say that she loves herself as she is, and what mother doesn’t want to hear that?  She is a great friend, and an awesome cousin to my nieces and nephews.

So. This Thanksgiving, I hope you are sharing what you are thankful for and that you all hug your loved ones a little tighter…and have a wonderful time with your families and friends!  


**on a private note. This week has been a rough one, I wanted to mention that my husband’s uncle passed away, and though my husband is a silent rock, I know how hard it hurts him.  My husband is not a highly emotional person, except when it comes to family.  His Uncle was not only the only uncle on his mom’s side, and his mom’s only sibling, but the only uncle he had living in this state that he grew up with and I know this is not going to be easy.  The services are after Thanksgiving, and I know that my husband will become a mess.  ūüė¶   I feel so sorry, and words cannot express the loss of someone you have grown to love as your own family. 

RIP Uncle Arthur, you were a gentleman and gentle man.



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I Am Taking a Vow

…for my children, and myself.

Sometimes we have to make changes on a whim.

Driving my girls to my parents’ house Friday night, for my father’s 76th birthday, a personal revelation occurred while talking with¬†my oldest daughter. ¬†Something I wasn’t expecting. Somehow the topic of nose jobs came up. My oldest daughter was asking how doctors perform nose jobs. Not sure where it came up from, but my kids talk about everything. ¬†She was wondering if the doctor fully removed a person’s nose, leaving the patient looking like, as she wondered, Voldemort. Where I then explained to her what I believe they did…break the nose from the interior/nostrils, then cut, shave down cartilage or skin, pin and tuck, etc etc.; then in my next breath, I had said how I always wanted to have my nose done because I hate my nose but afraid of them screwing it up.

There was silence.  I was expecting giggling.

So I look in the mirror at her. She was looking at me with so much upset from the back seat. She replied, ‘why do you do that!?’.

‘Do what?’

‘Say things about yourself that are so negative. Like the other day, you said (baby sister) had better lips than you when she asked if you look alike. ¬†You have beautiful lips. I love your nose. It fits your face perfectly and the angle of it makes me happy.’

My stomach sank while I was watching her talk in the rear view mirror. Yes, it is no surprise that I am not a huge fan of my looks. But, seeing her face as I was hearing her words, it brought full circle something I never imagined. A potentially damaging circle.

The way I view myself is never something I thought would affect my kids. ¬†I uplift them, encourage them to be good people and allow them to be themselves. Looks are not a factor, but they know I think they’re beautiful. ¬†I definitely never want my kids to think they are anything less than amazing people. This thing with disliking my looks is a cycle, because I clearly remember my own mom doing that in front of me. ¬†Telling me she would die to have my lips or my skin. My eyes. My smile. Etc etc. And, as a child I would think why was she saying that because she was the most beautiful women I knew. ¬†She still is. But then I started adhering that thought process within myself, ‘Maybe I am not pretty like other people if she doesn’t think she is beautiful’. ¬†And here I was with my daughter calling me out.

And. ¬†Thank God she was calling me out. She is my ‘everything compass’ directing me or reminding me of the rights and wrongs.

I immediately replied to her because my mind was traveling so fast to make it stop and I hated thinking about this affecting them down the road, ‘you know what, H? You are right. And at this very moment, right now in this car, I am making a promise to you. To You and your sister, and all girls! ¬†I promise (holding my right hand to my heart)to never devalue myself in anyway shape or form because it is the one thing I honestly don’t understand myself why I do it, and it is stopping today. ¬†I get asked this a lot, H, but have never from you. ¬†So I promise that is all from me on that negative thought.’


I honestly feel so upset with myself. If you ask my kids to describe their mom the first things out of their mouths are about my strength, or, being a fun cool mother. ¬†This is what I want to hear forever, not that I had self conscious issues about my looks. Or that they ‘catch’ that ideology about themselves. That would hurt me beyond anything. ¬†I love how confident they are, in all aspects of themselves. ¬†It makes me feel good that looks arent an ussue (yet). ¬†By their age I was very aware of mine.

But the cycle ends with me.

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Halloween Weekend 2015


Hey Everyone!  
It has been a while, but I have been so caught up¬†with the every day that I just kept pushing updating you further and further. ¬†We are almost in¬†the swing of homework and school fun, so I can push myself to talk to you more again. ¬†I have had great gym news, fun social things that have happened, but just haven’t been able to sit down and grind type it out. ¬†I will start here now since the kids are off to CCD and well, I am finally alone. ¬†Something I haven’t been in a long while.. lol ¬†(and I am a typical Sagittarius; ¬†we love beyond anything being social, but desire alone time to digest life and collect thoughts.)
So.. Halloween came and went this weekend, and I am so super bummed already.  I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE Halloween!  I love dressing up the kids.  Myself.  My house. My food. My everything.  It is so much fun to get taken away to a fun time and place when being a kid is so much fun.
This year we headed to my sister’s again. This is two years in a row now. ¬†We used to be the house that¬†everyone (four families) would meet, drink and go out from. ¬†But it all changed three years ago. My town is the lamest town on the planet apparently. ¬†It has its perks, don’t get me wrong, but they have time limits on trick o’treating, which upsets me; and it seems like this year it was an hour shorter.. ugh people. ¬†A few years ago,¬†my Halloween family¬†had an awkward run in with a down the road neighbor for being out ten minutes later than the limit. ¬†The woman was quite rude to our children, and we all decided that it was just enough to force us¬†to go¬†over to my sister’s. ¬†
We love it! ¬†My sister lives near a neighborhood that is lively, and full of kids and families walking around. ¬†Very ET-esque. ¬†One of the best parts is that my husband knows a lot of people from this area, since he grew up and still plays softball in this town. ¬†The other best part is that some of the houses in this nice neighborhood give out great¬†candy, and some have fire-pits and full apple cider bars going. ¬†Needless to say, we stop, hang out and talk to people like we’ve known them for years. ¬†(I love that part!) ¬†I don’t drink cider, of any type, but I love to stop and chit chat, with my own thermos cup o’wine. ¬†ha

Halloween Night


Sunday, which is today, is Day of the Dead. ¬†It may be one of my favorite traditions¬†next to Halloween. ¬†I have always had a fascination with it, before it became super trendy and accessible. ¬†We have a party to go to later, so I am taking¬†my costume from yesterday, Halloween, and tweaking¬†it for today…Sugar Skull Snow White. ¬†
Here are pics of it: