Halloween Weekend 2015


Hey Everyone!  
It has been a while, but I have been so caught up with the every day that I just kept pushing updating you further and further.  We are almost in the swing of homework and school fun, so I can push myself to talk to you more again.  I have had great gym news, fun social things that have happened, but just haven’t been able to sit down and grind type it out.  I will start here now since the kids are off to CCD and well, I am finally alone.  Something I haven’t been in a long while.. lol  (and I am a typical Sagittarius;  we love beyond anything being social, but desire alone time to digest life and collect thoughts.)
So.. Halloween came and went this weekend, and I am so super bummed already.  I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE Halloween!  I love dressing up the kids.  Myself.  My house. My food. My everything.  It is so much fun to get taken away to a fun time and place when being a kid is so much fun.
This year we headed to my sister’s again. This is two years in a row now.  We used to be the house that everyone (four families) would meet, drink and go out from.  But it all changed three years ago. My town is the lamest town on the planet apparently.  It has its perks, don’t get me wrong, but they have time limits on trick o’treating, which upsets me; and it seems like this year it was an hour shorter.. ugh people.  A few years ago, my Halloween family had an awkward run in with a down the road neighbor for being out ten minutes later than the limit.  The woman was quite rude to our children, and we all decided that it was just enough to force us to go over to my sister’s.  
We love it!  My sister lives near a neighborhood that is lively, and full of kids and families walking around.  Very ET-esque.  One of the best parts is that my husband knows a lot of people from this area, since he grew up and still plays softball in this town.  The other best part is that some of the houses in this nice neighborhood give out great candy, and some have fire-pits and full apple cider bars going.  Needless to say, we stop, hang out and talk to people like we’ve known them for years.  (I love that part!)  I don’t drink cider, of any type, but I love to stop and chit chat, with my own thermos cup o’wine.  ha

Halloween Night


Sunday, which is today, is Day of the Dead.  It may be one of my favorite traditions next to Halloween.  I have always had a fascination with it, before it became super trendy and accessible.  We have a party to go to later, so I am taking my costume from yesterday, Halloween, and tweaking it for today…Sugar Skull Snow White.  
Here are pics of it:


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