My Quirks

Hiya All!

My oh my! I haven’t blogged in a long while!  

A lot has gone on since New Year’s like holiday parties, friend get togethers, trips, a blizzard, and, of course, the craziness of parenthood!   Today, we are experiencing the most blustery conditions outside.  I went to grab some bread from the bakery and a coffee, and just wanted to turn around back inside the second I stepped onto the front porch.  It is no shock how much I do not like this weather, but, it is what it is and at least the sun is now shining.. hope it lasts longer than the meteorologists say!  

So, even though a lot has gone on, I don’t really feel like backtracking.  Instead, I feel like venting my sillies out .. so here I go!


– Somedays I seem to spend it entirely talking about the most random things. Most of which, hard to keep admitting, have to do with Seinfeld or Mindy Kaling.  I can’t help quoting these shows, Seinfeld mostly, and am so grateful my friends always keep it streaming.  

– Mindy and I are too much alike.  I swear if I were a single Indian stylish OBGYN living in NYC we’d be identical..but alas, I am not.  😉   So, quick, uhm, anyone else super awesomely excited her and Danny are a thing?  Diamond Dan yowza.. why can’t my man, or any from in my life, had rhythm like that stud? Oh, I know why..I always end up with super tall guys, who happen to be all left footed.  haha   ;P  (see random, and I love that my husband can’t dance.  lol)  

– The sound of the bird smashing into the columns in ‘Flappy Wings’, aka former Flappy Birds, cracks me up to no end. If my kids, or I, play it and I hear that ‘splat’ sound, I go into complete hysterics for five minutes. I am laughing right now just thinking about it.

– I still love watching iCarly. Nickelodeon started playing the show from its beginnings on reruns not too long ago.  My kids and I have been hooked all over again. But just don’t tell anyone that I don’t mind when it’s left on while they are not in the TV room. Also, keep it hush hush on how much I think Spencer is funny.

– When I get hooked on an old ‘but new to me’ hit series that I am binge watching on Netflix, I like to look at IMDB to see which character makes it the entire run of the show or what happens ahead of what I am watching.  It annoys my husband to no end, and I don’t know why I do this, maybe it’s to have a one up on my husband while we are watching so I can shout out “I KNEW THIS WAS COMING!!”…but it’s not, I just like knowing everything beforehand.  (I am hard to surprise…jussayin!).  Actually, I think is one of my fav websites. I am on it like every day!!

– I can cook to no end, making anything anytime, but biggest indulgence in my life… Well, I can’t make a decent cup of coffee to save my life.  SHOCKING RIGHT?!?!?   I have tried old school methods like a French Press, the Italian stovetop espresso maker to the literally made for no brain activity, like a Keurig!  Still comes out like dark brown hot water.  Thank the Lord Baby Jesus, I live about 6 minutes in every direction from a Starbucks, and work’s even closer!

Well, that’s all the sillies I could let out right now. I gotta run!

Hope you are all doing so well and I hope to get back into the swing of this blogging thing!!



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