A Tad Daydreamy

Hey Everyone!

Crappy rainy day here in Massachusetts, but there are less than 10 days to go till Halloween! And 10 till my dad’s big 75th birthday! Yeaaah!

But..my mind is on Winter vacation.. super YAAAAY~!!

I cannot help myself today with daydreaming.  That is how I roll, unfortunately, and what better topic than the tropics to dream about!?  Ahh, I can see it now..me, the bright sunshine, the oceanic horizon, the warm sand, the Summery dresses, tropical drinks, oh and my family. Can’t forget them. 😉 

I just need a break so badly. I haven’t had a true stress free feel since July, and I really really REALLY need to get away. I sorta screwed myself with time off this year. I blew it at the beginning, two weeks in Disney then that surprise San Fran/Denver trip and our Cape trip, it left me little time. So rather than spreading it around like a normal person…well, I’ll just stop there.   I am in l i m b o until next year. Where, positive thinking, I will gain a week of vacation back with my 15 year workiversary. YESSS!! I say back because a week was stripped of me during our acquisition in 2004, and, hell.to.the.yes, I finally get it back! A LONG TEN YEARS WAITING FOR THIS BABY!!

If I make it, right!? ;P

Well, that’s all I have for an update. Things have been nutty busy with celebrations, holidays, birthdays and work, which is how I got into daydream mode to begin with. But for now, I got to jet so my girls can make it on time to dance class. Where I am going to continue daydreaming while sitting in the waiting room …YEAAAH FUTURE VACATION!!


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