A Harry Potter Birthday…Floating Candles

One of the best visual images of the Sorcerer’s Stone is when Harry enters the Great Hall.  We see the ceiling enchanted, as if it were open up to the night sky, along with floating candles a few feet above all the tables.  It was so beautiful, and when I looked up inspiration on Pinterest, I found so many variations that just didn’t excite me.  But, I really wanted to give a shot at creating this for my girls’ birthday party…just on a much smaller scale.

A Harry Potter Themed Party.. Floating Candles

First, I had contemplated trying the one project that looked like it would work best.  It required toilet paper rolls.. So, I started off having my family collect toilet paper rolls.  My gosh, the amount of rolls I saved and received!  I was going to paint the rolls off-white then hot glue matching LED tea lights on the top. Then over use the glue so it would look like melted wax (which I would paint the same).  Then hang all over the yard.  But then as I started to make them, I honestly didn’t like the way they looked.

SO, I changed my mind and felt like maybe real wax candles would work.  Thought that if I heated a needle to poke through the top to thread the string it would look real, even unlit.  But, then I changed my mind again when I found these LED slim white candlesticks on a shopping trip to Joann’s.  That is my usual MO, really.  I have a thousand thoughts but then stumble upon something totally different.

I LOVED THESE!  They were soft gold lighted LED white candles.  They had a faux flame on top that worked for this project a little too well.  It created the best lip for the string to stay still when I tied it.  I used the same clear, stretchy jewelry string from my flying keys project, then strung them up under the umbrella in our yard.  I just wished we planned the party later or we had a dark blue umbrella!  But, the kids loved them, and that is all that matters to me!

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