Update: New Blog

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying this Summertime weather!

We are in the best time of year… SUMMER IN NEW ENGLAND! Yahoooo! I am so psyched about this Summer I can’t stand myself.   I have been dying for weather like last week’s since we started Winter last year!  

Can I get an AMEN for sand between our toes, late night sunsets, Summer clothes and sandals!?


Well, along with the excitement of this weather, I am making some changes to la vita miaI’ve decided to no longer feature my recipes here and start a new blog to showcase them.  Of course I will continue with posting to la vita mia with my life events and stuff on my mind; I just really need to drive myself back into blogging about food, and starting a new blog may help me achieve this goal. 🙂  

Now open for blogging is…. Girl Cooks Food!


All of my previous recipe posts are remaining here, but are also copied to my new blog.  It’s ready to view if you click the link above!  I posted a new recipe for a pork loin roast today you should check out.   

I hope you’ll check out my new blog, follow along there, and share it with your friends, too!

Have a great week, you guys!



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