10 Day You Challenge- 10 Secrets

The first challenge of the 10 Day You Challenge.

My 10 Secrets…

1.  First, let me start with a not so secret, one of my favorite foods on the planet is the potato..made any way; they make me a super happy girl..but when they are fried into a POTATO CHIP… ahhH. I have such a lust for salty wisps of potatoes it brings me to insanity.  If I even hear the words POTATO and CHIPS I go into a shark-like frenzy looking for them.  I can eat an entire bag at one blinding fit sitting without a thought..which is why we rarely have chips at home unless they taste God-awful or are baked, which I can eat a few without losing control.

A completely heavenly day is with sunshine, a glass of white wine in one hand and a mass pile of chips in my mouth.. keepin’ it classy.

cape cod chips


2. I had dated a guy with a devil’s hair cut once.  Ugh, I cannot believe I’m admitting this.  It was a guy I was seeing briefly before I met my husband.   One afternoon he showed up with that hair cut claiming he thought I’d love it. It was shaved all around, except the front where he hair pasted two devil horns that were DYED RED!!!!!!!

And you just made my decision to stop seeing you a whole lot easier!  😛

devilfaceNot actual ex-boyfriend, just another idiot.


3. In 1996, my boyfriend and I went to a Dave Matthews concert, awesome floor seats.  The crowd stood up the second music started to play with the opening band, which was Soul Coughing..whom I miss. So, well, we naturally made out the entire concert surrounded by strangers. The entire time.  Now, that’s not the secret..friends were with me!  But, he and I are fairly tall people, so when the concert came to a close and the house lights came back on, we found a short young guy behind us standing on a folding chair staring at us. He wasn’t upset or anything cause I think he saw the show.. but  I mean we were making out like new couples usually do..with reckless abandon!  We giggled, said sorry, and he retorted to my bf.. No problem, man, but I sure hope you marry this girl!

And, you know what? He did.

usActually us.  🙂


4.  Everyone knows I have an obsession with coffee..like everyone I know knows that Valeria with a coffee in hand equals a happy girl..BUT.  I’m not as obsessed as many think!  I usually drink a hot or a cold grande non-fat latte from Starbucks once a day, twice depending on how stressed out I am. The most I’ve ever had in one day was three, which was when I went shopping all day with my gf who is also a coffee junkie a month ago.

I do drink it every day though, or else you'd get the wrath of Valeria.  :P
I do drink it every day though, or else you’d get the wrath of Valeria. 😛


5.  For some reason, I despise when people refer to other people by their clinical sex term.. like female. Not sure how it became my personal pet peeve or so mainstream to use it, but it has. When did we go civilly from man and woman to male and female in general conversation!?!?! Egad. STAHPPP you are not a doctor!!


6. I rarely answer my house phone.  Actually, I think rare is too often a description for how much I have actually done it.  What I am saying is call my cell.. wait, better yet, I hate answering that, too, unless you are one of the three people I talk to most..so, text me. 😉  My children don’t even react to the phone ringing anymore, as they know their Mom is NOT answering it.


7.  ‘I am not superstitious, just a little stitious.’ (please tell me you know this line)

I grew up in an Italian household where superstitions were running rampant a few times daily. God forbid I sat on the table, broke a mirror, let a splinter come out on its own or put my shoes on my bed for a nano second…the world would come to an end!! I still look at my mom with my mouth gaping open at her superstitions..but … I have to admit, some superstitions stuck into my being and I freak on my children about them too. So I can’t make fun of her all that badly.

I’ve broken two mirrors this year.  By my Mother’s superstitious standards I need to get re-baptized.


8. My husband thinks it’s funny how much I still love this..but I love playing solitaire on my phone. Like all the time.

Just don’t tell anyone.


9. I love working from home, probably not for the reasons you’d think. I mean, I love it cause I get to work in the sunshine of my yard, or can be an outright fresh from bed mess on conference calls, or I get to be home with my kids afterschool, but quite honestly, I love it because I get to chug through my house chores so I am free over the weekends to do whatever we want!  Throw in a load of laundry between spreadsheet uploads or mop the kitchen floor while steering my bi-montly budget calls on my cell. Truth.

Good times.  haha


10. I have ‘slender hands’ envy.  I dislike my hands, as well as other parts of myself, but dislike my hands a lot. I find them pudgy, veiny and strange. Plus, my nails are weird.. they’re just not pretty at all.  Oddly, my husband told me that when we first met he noticed how girly and dainty they were, odd right? I figured he said that to make me feel better about them, which I did, for like a day. Oh, also I have the oddest placed beauty marks on them.. on my left ring finger on the palm side, and then one on the palm of my right hand. ugh!

20140613-143958-52798293.jpg 20140613-143959-52799733.jpg my actual hands.. yes I was driving when I took these!


Wow. Phew.
That was more challenging than I figured!
Hope you guys share your 10 secrets, too.  Anywhere you can share it..here, fb, instagram or pinterest!



Till next Tuesday!!


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